Bcaa powder for cyclists

Hey guys just wonder which bcaa supplement best for cyclists?

To each to their own, but I think supplements are a waste of money. Better to spend that extra $$$ on as much organic food as possible, and focusing on getting a lot of quality sleep: high end mattress, strong running airconditioning during summers, meditation, etc. Also, having positive and supportive social times for one’s general well being for work, life and training balance.


Any brand with a high Leucine content I’d say. That’s the amino acid that’s needed to kick of muscle protein synthesis. Personally, I’m vegetarian, so I like to take a BCAA supplement as the foods I eat generally lack a full essential amino acid profile. If you are getting enough animal based protein, you should be getting all you need that way and probably don’t need a supplement.


I’m going to give my two cents. I’m going to preface this with a quick bio. I got into cycling after a “career”-ending (bodybuilding) injury to my lumbar region after doing a deadlift improperly. This being said—supplements— I’ve tried them all. Want in on a little secret? They don’t work. You’ll see names like “proprietary blend”, which is a cute terminology that states, “we don’t answer to the FDA, so we will put bs filler in this, and call it ‘proprietary’”. The list of supplements that work:

  1. Testosterone Enanthate
  2. Testosterone Siponate (generic form of the above mentioned)
  3. EPO
  4. Deca (this is a bs drug)
  5. I’m being facetious

Point is: SAVE YOUR MONEY!!! Buy whole food. I’ve spent thousands…yes, thousands of dollars on supplements that simply do not work. The supplement industry is a multi-million dollar industry built on a lie.

Supplements are cheap to make. They will buy a bottle for about .25. The pills used to make them are about .01 each. The labels are about .25-.75 each. Then they’ll add some DHEA, and some extra filler for about $2.00 a bottle, and sell it to you for $50-$75. I wish someone explained this to me, but then again, I would have ignored them anyway