Altering my training plan for an Everest attempt in 4 months?

So I’m only 3 weeks into my TR plan, on low volume but fit in an extra 2 recovery spins per week and I picked the rolling road race specialty. Loving it so far, I don’t have any races as I wasn’t really intending on racing this year due to being so new to all of this and the uncertainty of COVID and events etc…

However, I did set an end date for June 1st when building my plan as I thought this would be a good time (the summer) to be at the peak of my fitness. Since that, I have agreed to attempt an Everest with my Dad and some other people from my local club at the start of May this year so I figured it might be a good idea to alter my plan with this in mind?

My question being is 4 months enough to go through all of the training phases? Obviously, it’s not ideal but it’s what I have to work with and at least then I have some sort of end goal towards all my training. I guess I’d change to the climbing speciality presuming I change up my plan or should I just stick it out with my current plan whilst reaping some general benefits from structured training (albeit with most of it being base phase training and some build). I’m currently due to enter my speciality phase 18th May. Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks.