Lack of race events. What TR plan should I do next?

Sorry for the big intro but its to put in context the kind of advice Im looking for in this topic.

After 6 months following a TR plan (from october 2019 to match 2020 twords my A race sheduled for last juin and then canceled, I’ve gone rogue :grin: and stopped using TR. Went on some virtual races on RGT including the 21 stages of our giro getting almost after every race a new FTP notification by trainingpeaks. After RGT short and punchy virtual races from april to may I then started on a personal mission from the 20th of juin to october the 10th doing Everestings, seven in total with 3 of them going over 10.000m of climb. Having colected all available badges for the Ride category except the double and triple badge that I can live without having on my everesting hall of fame page.

So that said and having no races sheduled for the rest of the year and probably neither in 2021, here are my questions. I do want to get back on the TR sadle following structered plans for the next months but I dont want to compromise with a large 6 months plan going all the way thrue base I and II and build I and II and then speciality phase. My idea for now is to set a 12 week or 14 week plan doing 4 or 6 weeks base and then one 4 weeks cycle on build and the same 4 weeks on speciality. The purpose is to dont get borred doing 12 weeks of base on a row. After that 12 or 14 weeks id repeat base and build maybe going from base and build I in the first cycle to base and build II in the second and go for another different speciality.

Thinking about doing speciality climbing road Race and then roling road Race or XC Marathon.

Anyone doing diferent speciality just for trying something different and improve in diferent disciplines?

Any other ideas to keep motivation for the next six months or maybe way more than that without starting to hate those blue bars?

Having sheduled events makes it easier to endure long plans. With this current scenario I just have this idea of rotating speciality.

No answers on this??? :thinking:

I’m starting my new plan next week. For now I´ve planned a 1st 12 weeks period on the plan buider that gave me 4 weeks SS + 4 weeks of Sustained Power Build + 4 weeks on my choosen speciality - Climbing Road Race.

Just your thoughts on this. How better would it be if I gave a 14 weeks period for the plan buider giving the enough time to the plan set me a 6 week base instead of only 4 weeks? I´ve been doing a lot of Z2 and 3 last few months.

As I said before having no race events planned for 2021 I’m looking for diversity of exercices and after this 12 or 14 weeks Ill do another identic period but choosing a diferent build and speciality plan.

If you’re looking for diversity and just generally staying fit then your approach is fine.

Personally I’ve never been able to follow structured training very well unless there is some kind of goal I’m aiming towards, even if it’s a somewhat arbitrary and self-imposed one rather than an actual race. E.g. setting a power PR over a specific duration, or a PR on a local climb, or being in good shape for a cycling weekend or epic ride with friends. If I’m just staying in good shape with nothing in mind then I tend to just go do whatever takes my fancy each day/week depending on how the legs feel, what the weather’s doing, what group rides or friends are doing, etc.

So if it was me I’d be sticking some goals in for 2021 and then aligning some structure around that. Which I think is also the best way to actually raise rather than maintain fitness - cycling through 4 week blocks with different focuses is more of a maintenance approach IMO.

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