All Scheduled Anaerobic workouts come After My Only "A" Race?

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This question is just out of curiosity. I’m doing the rolling race plan over ~5 months. I have a B race in Aug, an A race in Sept and a B race in Oct. Interestingly Pre A Race (which includes specialty) I don’t have anything above Vo2. But in the three weeks following- before my last race for the season (B race) 5 of the 9 sessions include Anaerobic efforts. Can anyone think of why the Anaerobic sessions only start once my theoretical peak has ended?

Plan builder is designed to optimize your available training time for the events you’re targeting. When time is limited, it prioritizes each phase of your training depending on your experience level; this is why Plan Builder put more emphasis on developing your aerobic abilities and base this season.
Given that emphasis, you didn’t quite have enough available time before your A event to fully complete the Specialty Phase (which contains most of those Anaerobic workouts), but Plan Builder scheduled those workouts after that first race to continue working towards your other events.

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Hi Ivy,

Thanks for your response. And makes sense. I guess I figured four months would be enough time but I guess I was wrong. Perhaps I’ll pepper in a few TrainNow Anaerobic Sessions before my A race. Speaking of TrainNow. If you’re in a recovery week does TrainNow factor this in when suggesting a workout?

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  • No, TrainNow only looks at your recent workout history, not your planned workouts. So it is important to keep that in mind and not necessarily accept suggested workouts in the Climbing or Attacking side if you know you are in a recover week or any other reason you might want to avoid “hard” workouts.

At present, TrainNow is largely meant to be used as an alternate to training plans. It can be mixed with them, but it must be done with a bit of review to make sure it doesn’t head in a negative direction.

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Great, thanks Chad. All the workouts that have been suggested are 1 hr Z2 rides so that still fits the bill!

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