No Z6/Z7 Anaerobic sessions over 5 month plan?

Hey guys,

I just signed up for TR and am about to finish 1st base phase. Looking ahead, I just noticed that over the course of a five month plan (3 climbing road races scheduled for Aug-Sept-Oct) I don’t have a single session focused on anaerobic work. Base is threshold and SS, build and specialty are threshold, SS, Vo2- rinse and repeat. Am I missing something?

NB: Doing Low Volume plan with 2 added 4 hour unstructured endurance rides per week.

Thanks in advance!

“General Build” plan all volumes have anaerobic workout every week except recovery week.

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It looks like it was because I was in a Fondo plan. I’m currently changing it to a climbing road race plan, so far though it looks as though there are only 2 anaerobic sessions in five months.

As mentioned, General Build does include AE workouts. Climbing Road Race Specialty does not considering the type of event it is aiming towards.

If you know you want AE work, you may be better off to pick Rolling Road Race which also includes one AE workout per week in Low and High volumes. Mid Vol lacks AE for whatever reason.

So, it depends on a number of factors and you can tweak your plan selection to get more of what you want, if desired.

honestly, aside from maybe some CX prep for myself, I personally don’t see a ton of value in anaerobic stuff. and it’s not an area, as I understand, that needs a long time to develop and one really shouldn’t do a ton of training there anyway.

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Great, thanks!

Thanks so much, with the help of customer support I’ve rebuilt my plan to climbing road race which changed it quite a bit. Interestingly though, it added 1 session with efforts above 130% FTP before my A race in Sept and then 5 out of 9 sessions before my final B race in Oct. I’m sure there’s a method to the madness even if I quite don’t understand it.

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