Making rest week early

Not sure if this has been covered. I am sure it has but cannot find the answer.

I have taken some unplanned time off this week. A rest week was scheduled for next week but ended up not training this week. What can I do to get the plan to not schedule a rest week next week but kick me into the next training week?

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I’d just delete the rest week workouts and move the weeks up via de calendar on the website.

Perhaps something I should have said. I am training to an event and do would that not change the timing of the peak before the event?

I had a similar scenario where I had some unplanned time off the bike the week before a recovery week. I spoke to TR support about it and their suggestion was to use the TrainNow feature during your recovery week which I did. It was an adequate workaround but not sure if you will like the workouts it will suggest.


Someone may have a better idea, but I think you may need to manually pick some different workouts on those days and just do those instead of the ones Plan Builder suggests. Use your PL’s and the appropriate system based on the phase and the day of the week to pick some appropriate ones.

If you look at the 3 little dots on the side of your calendar, it allows you to copy and move weeks. It sounds like you want to complete the scheduled week for next week, so I would just copy it and put it in next week, then move next week into this week.

you can no longer move weeks. They took that functionality due to issues with Plan Builder.

Should AT not take of that?

No, Plan Builder thinks it should be a recovery week. AT will not change the type of workouts, just the difficulty.

Perhaps you could just use the Train Now function during the scheduled “rest” week instead of doing the scheduled workouts. If you are using AT, this should make the necessary adjustments to your PLs and future workouts in your plan. Just a thought.

There def feels like a gap here as if I copy a week etc I will be creating a 7 week training block (ssb2). That’s a bit much!

I think I am going to have to copy the next three weeks to bring them earlier then add an additional rest week than planned in middle of ss2.