After Specialty Phase

Hi! I have been trainning with trainerroad since September. I have completed Base Phase, Build Phase and Speciality Phase (Climbing) all in mid volume. Now I don’t know what plan I should do. I want to train with trainerroad all year and I don’t know if I have to go back to Base Phase (I think it’s to early) or Build Phase.

Thank you

Personally, I would try to consider what goals I have for the rest of the year and how the demands of them might be echoed by the TR plans, then pick another build and specialty to do. Probably best if its not the same build and specialty as the ones you have just done - different stimulus will help you develop better.


I have no specific goals, just keep improving my cycling level. Obviously now i don’t want to get down my fitness so I think it’s not correct to do again the base now (better to do it on September or October). Can I do another build phase and then another specific phase? Better do the same plan I did or better another one?

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Worth a read.

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Give yourself some form of challenge to work to. Maybe 500 TSS in a week or 80 minutes of VO2 max time in a week.
I find that other tools do it for me as well as TR. Breaking 70 minutes for Alpe De Zwift or my current personal favourite doing some climbs on FulGaz

No problem with training in itself but in my view you have to have some form of objective or target

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If no specific goals then I’d do another build and speciality phase, but different ones than last time