Advice on which build phase for a lumpy race

Hi, I am looking for some advice on which build plan I should follow. I am working towards a race that will be ~80km (done in ~6km laps) and about 1,700m climbing total. There are no flat sections, it’s either up or down. Max grad is about 10%, but mostly in 5-8% range.

Even though there is a fair bit of it, the climbing is all fairly short in length. So I am wondering, even though the short power build seems to be more crit-focussed, if it would be a good way to go? Or if the general build would better equip me to perform for the entire race?

Other than that, the course is fairly technical I think, lots of hairpins and descents coming into tricky corners.

Any comments and advice would be appreciated.

That looks like (Sweet Spot Base 1 + 2) + General Build + Rolling Road Race to me.