Which Plan - Road

Apologies, this probably is the most asked question on here!

I want to know what plan to use out of General Build or Sustain Power Build. I have a good base fitness and want to goto a build phase.

This season I will be doing a combination of Club Rides, which during the week are shorter hard intense sessions and at the weekend longer harder rides. I also have a number of Sportives of 150km - 200km with a decent amount of climbing in (2500m+).

Would the Sustain power build be the better plan considering my A events are the Sportives? With regards to the shorter more intense rides during the week we’re talking 60km with a few bits of racing efforts chucked in.

I’d say SPB is best for you.


When would you use the “climbing road race” specialty plan?

Leading into your “A” race after you’ve completed Base and Build phases.