Picking Out Build Plan

So, I am training with the primary goal of doing well in CX, though I also do the oxcasional crit or gravel race. CX season is already upon us, so I’m not concerned about this year, but NEXT year. I should note I’ve used trainerroad for about 12 months now, and I definitely am having better results in CX than last year.

What build plan do CX focused peeople use? I used the short power build this year…but frankly I am sort of realizing my races just are not quite that ‘short powery.’ Especially if conditions are a bit squishy. I go hard, try to conserve momentum, get on power again very early in corners, and generally have power pretty steady (in my mind anyway…no power meter…) throughout the race.

Would I be better served by just focusing on jacking up FTP throughout the year with lots of sweetspot work and sustained power build, and maybe work in some sprint training in the month or 2 leading up to CX season to help out starts (which I already excell at…at least in cat 4) and the occasional short climb?

General Build is a likely stepping stone that still gets short stuff and adds the long stuff.

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