Focus on 5 to 10 minute power - choosing optimum training plans

Hi Everyone
Its my second season with TR and as a more conscious rider I’ve decided to focus this season on building my 5 to 10 minute power. Last season was my introduction to training with power, it went pretty well, I was very pleased with the outcome althought my fitness didn’t last to long since I dropped to much weight for prolonged time and it backfired at me. I love climbing, last season I focused on general fitness with longer intervals and during my priority races I was able to perform on a very decent level.
This year though I’d like to shape up on higher intensity stuff which will suit better for terrain I ride daily and still be beneficial enough for the climbing races I do.

So the question is, starting from Build phase, which training plans to choose and how to tweak them to my target.

Short power build or general power build into Rolling road race specialty.
Short power build is for your 5-10 minute power aka ‘VO2 max’/‘race winning power’.
Rolling road race specialty builds on that.
Working on pushy climby kinda stuff.

General Build would be a really good option for building your 5-10 minute power. Short Power Build has a higher emphasis on anaerobic efforts, while General Build is a bit more well rounded.

You can then move onto the Rolling Road Race plan, which aims to improve your ability to get up shorter, <10 min climbs, which sounds like a perfect match with your goals :+1:.

@Rainier @Bryce thanks for the hints, once I complete my Base plan I’ll dig into these plans and see how it goes