Weight loss during base

What kind of deficit do you guys use during base training?


I’m running -750 a day which averages 1.5 pounds per week. I have more than average weight to lose and it works for me.

I’m on the low volume plan and do evening workouts. On that workout days I make sure to eat about 800 calories at lunch with good carbs, protein and fat. This gives me fuel to complete workouts in the base phase.



I watch all my nutrients / minerals / vitamins etc in detail to make sure I get enough of everything. I use cronometer to track. I eat whole foods and not complicated recipes for 95% of the time so it’s super easy to track. (think sweet potato, rice, beans, oats, veggies, fruits etc)

Once I do that and eat at least my BMR, cycling and daily activity takes care of the rest.

With that said I end up with ~350 - ~800 deficit depending on the day. It’s been going real well. 5’7" dropped from 153lbs to 145lbs in almost exactly a month.


In the off season when I wasn’t training I did -1000 callories a day, when I started trianing again I cut that to -500 callories a day.

In the 3 weeks I had off training I lost 3.5kg (7.5lbs). In the 3 weeks I’ve been training I have lost a futher 2.5kg (5.5lbs).

(86kg to 80kg at 6ft)

I’ve been quite careful wile training with meal planning (What i’m eating and when i’m eating it) to fuel workouts and recover well.

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Following this thread with interest. I’m impressed with how much of a deficit some of you guys are running in. Gives me some hope!


I’m only down 5lbs over the last 5 weeks of training (in my defense I had a week vacation in Miami). I have such a long way to go it feels overwhelming. I gained 38lbs over the last year moving over here to the UK, sooooo stressful. I’m hoping to shed that weight plus another remaining 15-20 to get down to 185lbs.

I was hoping that cutting out the soda and junk food would result in faster loss, newb gains and all.

I wish everyone luck!


what I have noticed is that weight loss is like training. sometimes you need to ease off and be happy with the results then get at it again. this eases the mind and body. The most important part is to stick close the plan just like trainerroad!


< 500 calorie deficit per day to spare lean body mass. Keep your protein intake above 1.5g/kg.

There are too many variables which matter before you consider any calorie deficit.

Age, metabolic rate and background fitness. Structured training places significant stresses on your body and to ensure maximum adaption/ increased FTP means ensuring sufficient rest and nutrition to support and fuel your workouts.

Establish what calorie intake keeps your weight neutral and work from there but consider that the workload ramps up which means you need to increase your calories accordingly.

I’m 52 and aim for 1900 calories a day plus extra to cover whatever deficit is required from a workout. This translates to about .5lb a week weight loss but for SS1MV I saw a 46 watt increase.

So if you do incur weight loss it can be to the cost of not maxing out your FTP increases and whilst I’d like to lose weight my main focus is increasing my FTP. The weight loss can wait until I’m maintaining fitness over the summer .


A Pound a week is a perfect sustainable weight loss rate keep it up! Don’t think of it as a “Diet” but a lifestyle change. Your not trying to loose weight over a given period of time. Your trying to adapt to a new way of eating by which you weight will drop untill you get to the point of equilibrium where you are a healthy weight.

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Yep, i’ve been reading about how if you loose too much weight in one go the body goes into protection mode. To avoid this you can loose weight in cycles. Loose some, take a break and maintain for a bit, then start loosing again.

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I think it’s goes as said that you need to work out your maintainance calories before you decide on a deficit otherwise what is it a deficit of? There are some pretty accurate calculators for working out what your maintainace calorie intake should be.

I lost 5kg (about 10lbs) at the begining of this year and gained 30w on my FTP over a 3 month period.

im 34 (80kg) and also aim for 1900 calories + workouts, on average im eating 2500-300 callories a day and have lost 1-2lbs a week for the past 6 weeks.
I had a DEXA scan last week and am at 14% body fat, so was overweight to start with which is another factor, the higher your body fat the easier and less detrimenal to your performance it will be to loose weight.

But if you are going to have a deficit while building you do have to be careful with meal timing and Macros making sure you are fueling and recovering well by eating the right stuff at the right time.

Having a power meter and knowing the kj you are going to put out in any given workout really helps to fuel and recover well too.

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Took the Ramp Test today for the start of SSBLVII, my FTP went from 255 down to 247. However my W/KG went from 2.34 to 2.35 with my weight loss over the last 7 weeks. I’ll take any “improvement” I get.

I guess I’m focusing on weight loss more than gainz at this point. I’ll roll through this training block as best I can, but I have to get the weight off before I can really work on improving the FTP.

I think I’m probably running about a 750 and up caloric deficit per day right now. Which is super easy since I ate like a garbage can over the last year. Just cutting out soda and junk food will result in some loss and I’m eating healthier as well and hopefully that will also result in more weight loss.

Status: 230lbs, 5’10", 57 y/o Low volume, Rolling Road race.
My last ride was fantastic. I killed the intervals. Music is my key. I want to get down to around 185-180 lbs. I have every confidence I can do it on trainer Road. I’m not really dieting during base. I dont eat bad, just portion control problems. I feel that the more I ride, my body will get where it needs to be.

82 kg at the moment, after putting on 4 kg since September '21
6 ft tall
aiming for a deficit of upto 500 calories per day…using Nutracheck App here in UK to track the calories consumed.
Protein intake set at 1.6g/Kg…so thats 135 grams (540 cals) of protein to try to maintain muscle mass
BMR…set at 1800 cals

So only 1260 Calories available for Carbs (200 g, 800 calories, and fats 50g, 450 calories)

disappointed that the Fats are so high though as consuming Protein has the consequence of also consuming fats contained in the meat.

More fish is the only solution I can think of to reduce the fats…?
stay positive during the workouts and shut out the voices telling you to quit…