Advice for weight loss

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This is why people tend to say weight loss comes in the kitchen, not on the bike. If you’re eating healthy foods it actually is hard to overeat as a cyclist, no matter how much you burn. If you’re eating unhealthy foods then it is easy to overeat no matter what. Calorie dense foods will screw up your weight loss attempts no matter how much you train. You can’t out-train a bad diet

I 100% agree. It is mind blowing when your plate feels like it weighs 5lbs and is filled with nothing but whole foods that consist of a ton of veggies, proteins, healthy fats and is only 400-500 calories when you track it.

You can focus on diet, and plan your workout according to your fitness goals. I think there is no harm in experimenting different plan that can help you in loosing weight fast.

watch this.

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low carb diets cannot result in weight loss by themselves. The laws of thermodynamics require that weight loss is solely a function of fewer calories going in, than going out. So that is the only way to lose weight. Now, crappy carbs, high-sugar, etc, can encourage someone to eat high calorie dense foods, which might make them overeat, but there are plenty of HIGH carb diets with quality fruits and vegetables that are very low calorie dense that make you feel full and satisfied.


Completely agree - calories in / calories out. Can thoroughly recommend watching videos by Greg Doucette on Youtube…not the ones about performance enhancing drugs though :smile:

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It’s also true that “you can’t outwork a bad diet”, much though I wish it weren’t. My biggest difficulty is in cutting out the cookies and desserts.

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I guess it depends what you mean. From a weight loss perspective, you can definitely outwork a bad diet, just by burning more calories than you eat. But for overall health and longevity that’s not likely the case

I used to be able to outwork a bad diet when I was in my twenties!