Adventure racing

Anyone ever use TR to prepare for the bike section of an adventure race? I’m cobbling my own program together to see how it works. So far…
Finishing Sweet spot I low volume this week, then
traditional base mid vol. which will increase my biking from 3 to 4 days/wk, then
Sweet spot base I mid vol. which will increase biking to 5 days/ wk, then
Sustained power build mid vol… that puts me two weeks out from the event. haven’t decided what to do with those two weeks but one will certainly be a taper or reduction of volume.

Also, I’m running from 4-6 days/wk

I’m hoping the bike work will give me a nice base and the sustained power build will make me more durable for the 12 hour event. there will be some paddling, so I plan to work in some rowing and skierg work to give my legs some rest but continue building cardio and the upper body.

If there are any adventure racers or experienced distant riders, I’d appreciate any training insight.

Just refreshing to see if anyone has any thoughts / experience that may help me out.

What race? Course details and characteristics?

The Breakdown in Virginia. It’s through 361 adventures and I will be competing in the 12 hours race. Course will include mountain biking although not usually much “true” single track, trekking/running, paddling and some ropes course. Could include up to 50 miles of biking and 20 miles of trekking. Terrain is mountainous in some points. There won’t really be any redlining but will require a strong consistent pace.

Awesome fun race!

Your initial training, as mentioned in the OP, sounds great. Perhaps some added attention to upper body-core-shoulders will also be helpful, especially for the paddling segment.

Good luck, that’s a great event! :+1:

Hey thanks for your input Brushman. I have added some upper body work as well and am using a skierg to help prepare for the paddling portion.