Finished SSLV base, 14 weeks till "A" Race

I’ve been a TR member for 12 weeks, and I just got through Sweet spot base LV 1 and 2. I love it and I’m responding/improving well.

My “A” race is in 14 weeks, its a 40 mile XC MTB race (chequamegon 40). I don’t have time to follow the entire build and specialty progression, so I’m wondering if anyone has any recommendations.

thanks, I figured this info was out there somewhere.

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How did Chequamegon go for you? Do you think TR prepared you adequately. Any advice? This is my A race this year.

For the last 8 years or so I’ve XC skied in the winter and biked in the summer. Skiing is my priority, and the only bike race I do is Chequamegon. I’ve always been ok at the race because I have decent fitness, but I’ve never been serious about getting faster on the bike, I just looked at it as a way to maintain or build fitness.

As I’ve had better finishes in Chequamegon, I’ve started to get more serious. That’s when I turned to TR. I absolutely love the structured workouts. I felt like I was getting the most out of my training hours, and I could tell I was finally improving as a cyclist. I did most of my workouts indoors and the rest on my road bike, I didn’t get my mountain bike out until a few weeks before the race.

I showed up at the starting line last year with a way higher power/weight ratio…due to diet and raising my ftp on TR. I was certain I was going to crush it, however the one thing I didn’t account for was the lack of mtb specific training. Even though it isn’t a very technical race, the constant pounding, and body positioning you need to do to ride the uphills and terrain takes a toll.

I had one of my best races but not by much. My legs felt amazing, but my lower back and other muscles couldn’t keep up. I will use trainer road next year cause I know it makes me faster. However, I need to make sure to mix in some more mtb specific training. In summary, TR was great, but make sure to mix in some mtb rides so you are comfortable on that bike and comfortable getting bounced around on rough terrain.


Thanks for the response. Once summer comes around, I think I am going to lower the volume, then use those free days to get outside on the mountain bike. I’m also doing the Borah Epic. Any experience there?

I think that’s a great plan. I did the low volume too and planned to get outside more but I have 2 young kids and the time wasn’t there. I think you have a great plan. No experience on the Bora Epic. Good luck!