Adjusting Speciality

This could be moot depending on what happens regarding easing of restrictions regarding my A event, but…

I’m in week 2 of speciality. On Saturday I did a solo permanent Audax (200km 3800m). I did put it into plan builder as a B event, but really need to take this week as a recovery week.

So how do I adjust the plan? Skip this week? Bring forward the rest week and do a 6 week block of speciality? If not, which week of Rolling Road race do I skip?

I’ve spotted the obvious, I should’ve had it as an A event - is there away to change this after the fact, and then let plan builder do it’s stuff?

Schedule an A event for tomorrow.

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Too close to the real A event, rather than the spur of the moment Audax. I’ll just wing it. The actual A event may be off the calendar come Thursdays announcements of easing of restrictions anyway.