Mis timed my A race, need to fill a week

I started my training before i knew what event my A race was going to be (between 3 events over the space of 2 weeks)

Ive now decided on my A race and it comes 1 week after finishing the XCO mid specialty plan so i need to fill in the week leading up to the event which will be on a Saturday, im racing the sunday the weekend before so have 5 days to cover, any tips? should i maybe repeat the final week of the specialty plan or something else.


Hey Neil!

Repeatng the final week of Specialty is one really good option :+1:

Another approach would be to extrend your Build Phase by a week by repeating Week 7 (the final work week) before going on to Week 8, the recovery week. This should be done only if you’re feeling up to it, but it this is the option that will produce the most productive training benefit.

Good luck with your season and feel free to reach out if you have any further quesitons :slight_smile:


So you are racing 6 days before your A race? I hope you’ve done this before and know you will be rested enough to perform at your best 6 days later. I would move your entire XCO Specialty back a week so week 8 of Specialty ends on your A race. The extra week can be filled in anywhere between now and Specialty. Specialty has a 2 week taper, so Ideally you would be primed and rested for your A event.

What @Bryce said (he answered as I was typing).

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