Adjust training plan or just use train now?


I work out of county during the weeks Sunday - Thursday. The days I got to train cycling are limited to Thursday afternoon until Sunday(I leave for work in the evening).
That is my ‘normal’ work week and in this case I suppose train now is perhaps the better option over plan builder since if I lump up all training from plan builder Thursday-Sunday the intensity might be too much.

Now the reason for me asking if I should use train now or plan builder is that from October til late February or March I’ll have a schedule were I work five nights(Sunday night-Friday morning) and then Im free for nine days. It seems to me that it could be beneficial to follow a more structured approach during those nine days were I’m free to do whatever I want.

During work weeks I usually hit the gym once and do two 5-12k runs. If I go with the plan builder option for my nine free days I’m still going to run 2-3times and hit the gym.

I’ll be happy for your thought and input

What I think I might do (not necessarily the best or only option) is to stick an LV plan into Plan Builder so theres a definite structure but also flexibility and slot in gym/run/ train now around it as a when you have that flexibility/motivation. Don’t forget rest though.

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