Loosely following a plan vs simply using “train now”

I’m a casual cyclist that wants to get faster. I haven’t done a plan as prescribed because I prefer riding outside with friends when possible. That means I’ll follow a plan but just skip things if I end up doing something different.

I know this obviously won’t give me the benefits of following the plan but I’m wondering if I’m just better off sticking to the recommended workouts with “train now”.

I used to just ride in Zwift but if I’m actually riding indoors I always feel like trainer road workouts are much more time effective.

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Personally, I would use TrainNow until you’re ready for a plan. I’d just be sure to pick the appropriate ride to get the training benefit I want, rather than just picking the default every time.

Thanks! I also loosely follow garmins suggestions for training load so I could pick a workout based on that as well.