Train-now vs Adaptive training

Hi All,

Apologies if this has been covered before.

I followed a plan from Jan whilst I had events etc to aim towards. Now that it’s approaching winter I’m really just wanting to ride the bike for fun and try to limit my losses before embarking upon a new plan come Jan.
Realistically I’m going to be able to do approx 2hrs a week of structured training with additional non-structured rides. I am best to start a plan and manually spread out the workouts to give me 2hrs a week till Jan or should I just use the train now feature?
From the podcast, I believe that adaptive training will help build me towards my goals whereas train now is more generic fitness? So am leaning towards using plan builder with manual adjustments or am I overthinking this!
Be great if you could alter the amount of time available each week for structured training!

The only problem with plan builder for me it looks for 3 hard sessions a week on LV (circa 3.5 hours). I have time for that at the moment but wfh is coming to an end so I will probably have to show my face in the office 1 day a week and living alone I crave company at times so a group ride will usually take priority over a structured session alone. I’m probably over thinking this too :joy:

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