Adjusting plan for injury

Hey folks,

After leaving a bike fitting for my lovely new bike yesterday I had an incident with a car and I’m now “enjoying” some rest with a broken elbow and severe shoulder pain. I had been making great progress with the TR 70.3 Tri HV plan, but swimming is out now for 4 to 6 weeks at least and I won’t be running for a while yet.

Do you think maybe (after a few days rest) it would be worth switching to a bike only plan to maintain fitness? And if so which one? My A race isn’t until June so I’m hoping I’ve plenty time to make adjustments and get back to full training with time to spare.

Yikes! Hope you feel better soon.
Can’t believe no-one has asked yet: how’s the bike? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Pro-triathlete Susie Cheetham broke her elbow a few seasons ago so if you go scrolling through her old instagram posts you can see what they rigged up to help keep the weight off the elbow. Do you think you’ll be able to water-run?

As for the plan, why not just drop the swim/run portion of the tri plan and keep going?

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Where are you in your plan currently?

If you are in the Base Phase, I would recommend switching out for 4-6 weeks of SSB. Be sure to end on the recovery week (Week 6).

If you are in the Build Phase, I would recommend switching out for 4-6 weeks of Sustained Power Build. Again, end on a recovery week.

These plans are not merely designed to help you sustain your current level of fitness, but rather improve them. These plans will help you treat this next phase of your training as an opportunity to focus on improving your bike leg without worrying about the training stress of two other disciplines :slight_smile: .

Happy training!

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:joy: Bike survived unscathed thankfully :slight_smile:

Thank you Bryce, this was where i was leaning. SPB looks like a good option for me after a few days rest.

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