Adjust plan for camp

I’m not sure how to adapt for a training camp week. My first A race is June 3 (WF 100k). I have a week in the smokies the first week of april and that lines up with a rest week. What’s the best way to deal with this? Ignore it and ride a bunch of volume in the mountains and just do rest week in place of the first week of the next block the second week of April? That would obviously make that a two week mini block before the next recovery week at the end of the month. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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Push the recovery week to the next week, take a few easy days before your Smokies trip if needed, and ride your heart out at camp.


Similar thread recently: How should I include a week long training camp into a training plan?


Do you think AT will figure all that out and reset after the pushed rest week??

put it in as a stage race and then manually program a week off for the week after, ie. set as “vacation” in annotation. AT will adjust around that.

To add a stage race, do I go back to plan builder and add it there? That would require deleting the current plan to re-start the schedule right??

You could, but easiest way is just click on the date when you want to start camp, from the drop down options click RACE, and make it a stage race over multiple days.

What you can do is then use the TSS estimator for what you think your camp will look like. Then once you are done Plan Builder will ask you to update, you can click yes, or reject until you complete next step.

If you make the stage race a C race it will not disrupt the rest of your training
Next step is do the same thing for the recovery week, put it as vacation, then when you are done let AT/PB redo your plan for you and it should automagically adjust your plan.

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Listen to Rondal, that’s the best way to do that.

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Thanks!!! That’s the plan then