Insert Endurance Week for Cycling Vacation instead of complete break

I’m in the first week of ‘build phase’ of 21 week high vol training plan, working towards a ‘A’ race in April 24.

I’m taking a family camping vacation for just over a week (what will be 2nd week of build phase), and as an active relaxer there will be endurance rides outdoors most days. The roads where we’re on vacation are unknown to me, so the ability to do my planned training as-is outdoors is limited, it could take me most of the week figuring out the local roads and finding suitable terrain to do the structured training slots (I have a power meter, but I’m not great at replicating intervals outdoors, especially when I don’t know the roads well).

Is there a way to insert various length outdoor endurance rides for the vacation week, and let adaptive training adjust the overall plan accordingly?

Not really. At best what we have now is using the Annotation to put in Time Off, which essentially blanks out those days and might (or might not in most cases I have seen reported) make any meaningful changes to the pending plan on your calendar.

You are pretty much on your own from what I know.

Hey @Deedub123

Like @mcneese.chad mentioned, in your case it’s best to set a Time Off Annotation. Plan Builder can consider that Time Off and adapt your training appropriately to keep you on track.

Just go out and enjoy your unstructured training on your vacation :slight_smile:

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