Adding more duration to workouts

Hey there, I was wandering if it is good idea to add more volume to my existing workouts. I am on low volume general plan. Did few of them in past months. I want to increase my overall volume from 3,5 hours a week to 4,5. I do not have a time for additional endurance workouts. I am thinking to increase the duration of sweet spot workouts from 60 to 90 minutes. The questions is how do I do it and how adaptive training is reacting to this adjustment? Is it better to find similar tss and level workouts, but 90 minutes instead of 60 or I do 90 minutes with higher tss and if. I need more volume not intensity. Do I look for achievable or productive workouts?

Go to your calendar

Click on the current training phase (Base 2 etc)

Adjust the time available for your sessions

Let AT do it’s thing


Thanks, that was smooth!

No worries.

You’ll need to do this for each phase, alternatively you can rebuild your whole plan using the same start date.