Rules of Thumb for adding volume to Sweet Spot plans

Hi All,

Wanted to create a thread to ask what people think one should do to add volume to sweet spot plans TR gives. I know it was mentioned before by the podcast that you could add Pettit, Taku, or other endurance rides through out the week to bump up the volume.

My question is, do you add this volume as separate workouts or could you tack it onto a session already planned for the day? If you tack it onto an already planned session do you add the volume before or after your SS intervals?

Also, are there any general recommendations or experiences people have with doing so that could be shared?

Yes to any of the above. Add endurance riding whenever and wherever you can. I like to extend the warm-up or cooldown using the +10 min button and then upping the resistance till I’m at 60-65% of FTP.

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New TR user here, in week 5 of SSBMV. I added Taku as a separate workout immediately following any workout of less than 1:30. So far, I’m not feeling any adverse effects and I feel that it’s basically giving me an extended cooldown period. As I said, I’m a new user so only time will tell if I can keep it up without adding too much fatigue.

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I frequently add 15-45 min of endurance onto the end of a workout by just pressing the ‘Extend cooldown’ button. I prefer that to exiting and beginning a new workout. I have a dumb trainer so I just ignore the power target (usually ~50%) and ride at around Z2 (~70%). If you want to use erg then you’ll just have to increase the intensity until you’re sitting at your desired intensity.

As long as it isn’t introducing so much fatigue that it affects your future workouts then I would add as much Z2 as you have time for.