Is it possible to increase the duration of workouts in low Volume Sustainable power plan

Hey, i am trying to increase the duration of my vo2 max and sweet spot workout in Sustainable Power plan low volume from 60-90 minutes. I tried to do it from the calendar, but there wasn’t such option. Are sustainable power plan and grand fondo workouts locked to the original duration only? i did increase my duration for base plan. How do i do it?

Still looking for additional info, but see if this helps to start:

The above is centered around Plan Builder at the start. This one here seems better for editing a live plan after it’s on the calendar:

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My plan is custom , it is not created with plan builder….maybe that is complicating ?

Could well be. It may be worth emailing directly so they can review.

If you select a scheduled workout on the calendar, then select Alternates, you can change the duration. This only works one workout at a time.


When using ad hoc phases instead of a full training plan with Plan Builder, your best option is to use Workout Alternates.

When using Plan Builder, you have the luxury of changing the duration caps of each day of the week as @mcneese.chad’s links above show.

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Thanks for your answer, will my future workouts adapt to this change or i need to do it before every workout. Will adaptive training still work if i manually change the duration?

If you’re using Workout Alternates to find a different workout, Adaptive Training isn’t going to assume that you want that length of workout in the future. To have that type of control, you need to build a plan with Plan Builder.

It’s what we recommend to almost all of our athletes! :grin:

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So the solution is to create plan using plan builder, but i got problem with it. I had a great help from you for my plan like 2-3 weeks ago. I had few plans and messed up. The problem for me is that i want to do sustainable power plan and grand fondo, as i did sweet spot base low volume from september to january. (that was my original plan since september) You helped me to build a plan for my events in may and and PB putted me in base again. Thats fair enough but i want to do these plans before spring when i will be riding mostly unstructured. I know about RPE, but it isn’t the same as indoor trainings and i do not want to miss these plans /potential gains/ due to unstructured rides. Is it possible somehow to make a plan that includes Sustainable power and grandfondo without base, as i did it for last 4 months? Maybe change the date of the events, so i can take the best of my indoor season?

Oh yeah!

We can get that put in place for sure. :ok_hand:

I just did a little playing on my end, and if I set the start date of my plan as October 16th, 2023, the Sustained Power Build phase starts this week. Check it out!

You can pretty easily manipulate where you start off in your plan when you really need to be playing with the start date, just as I’ve shown here.

I’d be happy to help out again if you’d like! Just let me know where you’re looking to be in your plan.


Hey there, thanks for your contribution. It looks good, just like my original plan that i messed. Is it possible to have a low volume plan instead of mid volume for both sustainable power and grand fondo? Will i be able to increase the duration of workouts if i feel good for that? I am currently on recovery week, i will play with the dates to make it start next week.

A bit out of topic but somewhat related, will increasing the duration from 60m to 90m per session will have the same or even greater benefit than adding 1 addtional training day of 60m?

Hey…. Unfortunately I do not have the time for 1 more ride, it is easier for me to increase the duration. I think that what you can stick to is the best option.

Yes. All Gran Fondo plans use the Sustained Power Build phase, I belive.

You can change the custom workout duration caps at any time in your plan. Check out the link below for more information on that.

This one’s a bit tough. I’d say adding that second 60-minute workout is likely going to be more beneficial than adding an additional 30 minutes to your existing one.

There are a few reasons for this. The first is that you’re simply getting more volume in this way. Second, a 60-minute workout typically has a higher IF than a 90-minute equivalent at the same Workout Level, which means that you’re not only getting more volume in this way, but also more intensity. I’d also say that getting an activity in on that second day where you alternatively might not have done anything is a big win.

As I first mentioned, though, it depends. I’d consider your own schedule first and choose the option that works best for you personally, as that’s where you’ll likely find the best results.

Thank you, i already did a new plan with past date, i did not know that it was possible and i am sorry for taking from your time.

I am aware of the reasons mentioned, i will stick to longer workouts, but with close enough tss and IF -there are such alternatives. Unfortunately my schedule tight for 4th day of cycling.