Calendar / Tracking of multi sports

I am trying to follow a triathlon plan, which is looking a bit ambitious but my question is

  • is it possible to have TR synch with running and swimming activities (from sports watch)
    At the moment the only 3rd party activities I can see in the Calender are from my garmin headset and zwift - so all bike.

Possibly the issue is that I am using a Suunto device will sync with Strava and Trainingpeaks, but not TR (or Garmin). (In trainingpeaks and Strava I can see swims and runs from my sports watch).

I appreciate TR may not track TSS etc. for swim/running but it would just be good to track time/effort vs. plan and not have to tick them off manually.

Second part to this question is whether Adaptations in plans and TrainNow adapt to off-bike (and also off TR) activities?

Thank you

  • I don’t follow the tri related stuff closely, but do believe an “answer” exists to this question. Until someone can provide it, I suggest an email directly to to see what they can provide.

The answer is to the second part is no. The plans do not “adapt” non-bike workouts. If you do not check the swim/run complete it will assume you skipped it and move it to the next swim/run. At least that is my experience/understanding.


Ok I believed you for a second but looking at it further, I happened to have a screenshot due to an issue with adaptations not showing in the app, it is making changes not just pushing. The times pushed in some cases but not the actual workouts themselves.

First it skips the brick on the 20th.

Then if you look at TSS of the original run on the 19th it is 60, but the new run on Saturday is 38. Then the TSS of the new run on Sunday is 24 not 28.

I delete all the swims and add my own so have no clue how it tries to adapt the swims, and this is the first/only run adaption I’ve had triggered so far.

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Interesting…that’s different than what I have seen.

I am not sure how they are coming up with adaptions for runs since they know nothing about what you completed. They don’t know if you hit your targets, cut the run in half, did something completely different, etc.

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I’ve been confused by this as well. I’m trying to run everyday in january…hate running, baby coming in a few weeks, race in june figured get a base in since it will be first thing cut.

So at this point I’ve kept the TR workouts for the purposes of seeing what they suggest but outside of doing like a 28 minute run on a day it had some sort of 30 minute with drills or hills or something all I can do is enter the time I ran and it is rarely close to what their scheduled run was. Then it also deletes the scheduled time. And why does it not have distance like swim does which would possibly give it some sort of time/distance effort calculation.

I just did a cycling plan last year with AT and didn’t start a tri plan until jan 1 so this was my first only run adaptation so far and really not sure how it is working.


Thanks for the replies.
I’m wondering if the adaptations to runs seen are based only on bike activity. If TR is only adapting based on rides, but you are busy running etc. instead, it will assume you’ve been resting and dial everything down.

You are supposed to self report your run/swim completions. You enter the duration and can choose to enter the actual TSS (I pull from training peaks and it seems close enough to the estimated). They could be using that data, just a thought. This is something I’d like to see a TR employee answer. I’ve given up entering the data because it’s frankly a pain for no gain since everything is stored in training peaks, but if TR uses it for adaptations, I’d start again.

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I agree, it is a pain! I keep wanting to use TR calendar for everything, but it’s too much of a hassle.

They are not. The run and swim adaptations are based upon your completion (as in marking completed) or skipping of run and swim workouts.

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Got it. Good to know thanks :+1:

I asked Support last week if Run/Swim are considered by AT (in other words does it look at total TSS of all three sports ). They indicated it does not. So if you choose to download the multiport plan for the cycling but choose to ignore the swim/run workouts, the AT would not penalize you for that (…that is my take away).