Adding 2x runs a week - repeat base or move to build?

I know this has been asked a bunch and talked about, but I’m not finding anything that talks about adding runs in when moving to build. I am almost done with SSB2 - have been doing LV, but adding in 2 or 3 z2 rides (6-7 hrs and 400tss roughly a week the last few). This is my first go with structured training - no events at all, just want to become a stronger rider and not get dropped on weekly ride. I am trying to figure out my next move.

I was all set to do build next, but @chad mentioned it is a good time to do base again now during most recent podcast. I am also going to drop a couple of z2 rides and add in a couple of runs a week to balance myself out. Nothing to crazy as I have never really run before - today was first one and it was 30 mins out with 9 mins walking. Ideally would like to build up to run 45-60 mins non stop.

My wonder/concern is if I am adding in running, which is new to me, is moving to build a good idea? Would I be better off repeating SSBLV and add in the runs? Want to make sure I do not over do it and hurt myself. In my mid 40s I do not heal as fast…

Ideally I’d like to keep 4 rides a week and then add in 2 runs. I have looked at the triathlon plans, but not sure if the full triathlon base would be better than SSB. Any thoughts would be great. Thanks!

Keep LV and add in the runs. Build can be quite a bit more challenging vs base in my opinion.

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No. New to running you will stress yourself and will need time to recover.

Redo low volume base. Build runs slowly

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Thanks - my initial thought was to do base again as well. Figured I could always use more base.

Runs will build in slowly for sure - twice a week on W/Su. 30 min max starting out with walk/runs to build up to full 30 min runs. Then 45 min and possibly up to 60 min eventually. Hoping to do it while still doing 3 or 4 TR rides a week - LV plus a z2 ride on Friday’s.

I started running during Build. It hurt. I made sure that Bike was my priority which meant I missed a few runs. You can easily do it; just be really careful about running - I’d start with just slow jogging with a focus on time on your feet, not distance.

Build is definitely an increase in load, but you can begin jogging. I did Bike in the morning and a jog at night. Just be prepared to miss the run when your legs need the rest.

The hurt is what I want to prevent. As someone who does not race, I’m hoping to add running without causing too much pain. My quads are more sore this morning after running yesterday than they have been for any workout on the bike.

For some variety to base I think I’m going to do half distance tri MV. I spent more time last night at all of the base plans and the half distance tri plan looks similar, but different enough that repeating base shouldn’t be too boring with the same workouts. And this plan looks to give me the 4 rides a week I want to keep.

Gonna find lots of muscles get sore that aren’t sore on the bike! I started running this season alongside base and it was wild how much everything hurt.

YMMV: I found what was helpful for me when I started was to run after z2 rides. The fatigue on my aerobic system made holding a slower pace easier.

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Yeh, my tip is to run after your rides if possible (not immediately after)

And start during a recovery week.

And do like a 15-20min run for your first one. You’re gonna get sore.

This is a good time to go back to base. I can no longer attend my “A” event, assuming that it isn’t to be cancelled. My Nephew’s wedding was moved to the date of my A because of the virus. All of my early season stuff seems to be cancelling one by one. Suddenly I find myself training for no event!. I just switched from a HV plan to SSBI MV. I will ride outdoors twice a week as weather permits to help keep my whits.
To be perfectly honest; I believe the stress from the virus situation starting 2 weeks ago caused me to bail on 2 difficult workouts. Workouts that I know I could have completed. I just didn’t have the mental capacity. Plus, I had lost 3 lbs. in that time. So, it’s time for me to back off.
I own a small business with commercial rental properties that cater to “Main Street” small businesses. I am getting hammered with issues from tenants due to what’s happening in the world right now. Therein lies the source of my stress! The bike is what will get us all through this!

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Wish I had the time to do both in one day - and maybe I will figure it out. 60-75 minutes is what I get each day right now with 2 little kids at home. They get some iPad time while I get my bike rides in and are in such a habit with it after a couple months of it that they start asking me when I am going to ride my bike, hah.

Wish I had the patience to wait - recovery is next week, but starting to run now. It should make Lamarck fun on Thursday after running Wednesday… And yea I am going to keep the running to like 20 out of 30 minutes at the most for now. My wife wife is also starting to run with me so that will help me keep both the pace and the amount of running down as she is much better at going slow and not all out :slight_smile:

Get a stroller you can run behind!!! I bet that’d be a killer way to keep the pace relatively low.

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@Buckethead best practice is to build a base for running and work your way up to about 45 miles of base before you start any structured training (see reference below). This can be done as others have suggested (running for 30 minutes, then log your miles). Be patient!

As others have mentioned, you will hurt in places you have not hurt before (quad, calves, glutes) and going down stairs is the worst. The trick is to start on flat surfaces and stretch after running (calves, hamstrings, quad, and glut stretches, 15 seconds each, multiple rounds) as well as couple times during the day. If your back hurts, work on your core. Running will require more core strength. 10 minutes a day, every day, including lower back (v-up, superman).

If you have not trained for running, you should educate yourself on form (upright, stability, foot strike, knees) before you start to run, so you do not develop bad habits based on phys ed class or what you would do naturally.

Regarding your question of when, I would recommend running on a different day. I train for du/triathlons and when I first started doing bricks (bike/run especially), I would hear my feet slapping. This is a recipe for shin splints and a foot strike issue based on what your body was just doing. If you decide to do this, run slowly, start with really short distance, and only after completing your base.

I would recommend the book, Run Less Run Faster (Pierce et al), for a training plan and then add in recovery runs if you have time. They don’t provide du/tri guidance, but best practice is no more than one quality workout per discipline. Curious if others follow this guidance, but it should help you to not overtrain.

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