Add features to make Ride Notes a training log?

I’m in the habit of adding notes to each ride, highlighting anything that went right or wrong, but also adding in notes consistently about my sleep the night before, my resting heart rate, and yesterday’s nutrition. Considering that I’ve heard on the podcast mention of using a training log application like My Fitness pal, wouldn’t it make sense to add a few fields to the existing Ride Notes area in order to keep all the essentials documented in one application? Then it would all be viewable and quantifiable in the browser application, along with all our other ride data?

What are your thoughts, TR Community and TR Product Managers?

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I have a Calendar annotation as my default. I open it, copy the template, and paste into each ride, then fill it out.

The idea of default fields has been mentioned, and I will see if I can find the related post (might even be in the one I linked above.

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