Feature request: Record nutrition taken during workout

Just been catching up on the last month’s podcasts and been a lot of talk in the build up to Leadville about intake of carbs per hour and I wondered if it would be useful to be able to record what nutrition you’ve taken during a workout/ride. So for example, I’ve been out today, had a couple of bottles, and a bar and have just stuck the following in the notes:
1 Veloforte Avanti bar 45.7g carbs, 285 kcal
1 bottle SIS Go Electrolye 36g carbs, 146 kcal
1 bottle SIS Immune 0.5g carbs, 8 kcal
TOTAL: 82.2g carbs, 439 kcal

If this could be a set of fields we could populate it could then easily identify intake per hour and any deficit or surplus of nutrition.


This is a great suggestion @philrcook! It could be tough to identify deficit/surplus since nutrition is so individual, however, objective metrics such as intake per hour could be very useful in informing users and helping to perfect a nutrition strategy.

I will share this with the team for consideration :+1:. In the meantime, you can manually take nutrition notes in the Workout Notes section of the workout, or even add an annotation to the calendar if you prefer.

Cheers, and thanks for sharing your suggestion!

Any chance of getting rides that have notes be highlighted so we can know which ones we have written notes on?? Taking notes is pretty much useless without this!

This is something that has been suggested before, and something that we hope to add in the future. It is not currently being worked in, but we have had some internal discussion with the Design Team on how best to communicate that Workout Notes are present on a specific workout :+1:.

  • This is not a perfect solution, as I suspect you want to see the “Notes” flag from the Calendar view, but I have another option that may help you.
  1. Open your Career.
  2. Click “Past Rides” from the side bar, orView All Rides” under your “Latest Ride” in the middle. (Both options load the “Past Rides” page.)
  3. Any rides that have notes will show them in a condensed version, and ones without notes will be “empty” below the main TR info.

Ex: image

You can scroll down on the “Past Rides” page and it will load about 10 rides at a time. You can quickly find ones with notes to review, or empty ones that you want to add notes. Not perfect, but it works fairly well for now.


Thanks, I didn’t know that!
While I still think rides with notes need a Highlight in all views this will work for now. :+1:

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It would be great if we could have integration with something like MyFitnessPal, or LoseIt!, so that we could have auto-population of food info, maybe by barcode scanning if on mobile, or by product name entry. Probably a huge amount of work for a small use-case, but still awesome.

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