Feature Request - Improve Display of Notes!

I use the workout notes all the time. I jot down if I added a new piece of equipment to the bike, what I ate, how I felt after being sick, why I cut the ride short, lessons learned from racing, etc. Looking back on a previous week surrounding vacation, sickness, or a race I like to see my notes to better understand my thought process at the time and the choices I made. This can help me plan and adjust my training/racing for an upcoming situation. The problem is that reading the notes from past workouts is a bit clumsy since you need to open each workout to view them. I would love to see TR display the note for a particular workout when hovering the cursor over the workout in the Calendar.

What do you guys/gals think?


I like to use the notes as well. Under Career and Past Rides on the website, the notes show up under each past ride that has them. This helps me see how long an injury/illness impacted rides if I’m diligent in making notes. I’m not sure if I would want something popping up on the Calendar page just because my cursor goes across a page. I am not a fan of having to select a workout twice to open it from the Calendar page, however.


As above, the best way to review right now is the Career / Past Rides stream. It actually is pretty handy for quick review.

I do like the concept of the hover option, or something similar.

Additionally, I would love an option for a default format in the notes. It could give more consistency to the info added and help avoid forgetting items. I know this may not be ideal as many might have a different list, but I think it could be worth consideration;

  • Nutrition:
  • Rest/Recovery/Sleep:
  • RPE/Feeling:

Or something that to capture the main items of concern

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In the Past Rides page you need to “Load More Rides”. This can be quite inefficient if you are trying to review notes from last year (or earlier). Also, since the Calendar feature has been released I never look at Past Rides. The Calendar feature is just that cool. The more you put in the more you get out of it. I add annotations, yoga and gym sessions, etc.

I also think more people might use the notes if there is a better way to review. I think a user is going to add less notes if the probability of reviewing the past notes is unlikely due to difficulty in accessing the information.

I am picturing a note popping up if the cursor hovers over the workout and pauses momentarily. This is quite common in many other software applications for example when hovering over icons in the toolbar. I agree that if the cursor sweeps across the page you don’t want notes popping up all over the place.

Alternatively, there could be a small note icon to click on the workout from the Calendar page.

Hey all!

We do have plans to improve the integration of Notes within TrainerRoad to help you get a more clear picture of your overall training quality/ success. We know how important tracking this information is, and we haven’t forgotten about it :slight_smile:

These improvements will be lumped in with some other big feature improvements that we aren’t quite ready to talk about yet, but as active Forum Members, you’ll be the first to hear of any news or availiable Betas :+1: