Adaptive Training Producing Curious Results

I’ve been using Adaptive Training since it was released and generally follow my mid-volume schedule pretty closely until these last couple of weeks when I’ve had to rearrange my schedule.

My plan was building up to an A event in late Oct but I had to cancel that due to travel and switch my A event to a race in December and add 2 weeks off in late-Oct, early-Nov.

What’s curious is plan builder put a recovery week on the calendar for the week before my 2-week trip and the week after. This is especially curious given that I just came off a recovery week. So basically, in the 3 weeks leading up to my 2-week trip, 2 of them are recovery, and 1 has intensity.
Wouldn’t this be a time to stack intensity knowing I’m about to have 2 weeks off?

The second thing that has me scratching my head is why were there no adaptations after I replaced yesterday’s over/under threshold workout with a race that had more VO2/Anerobic efforts and a much higher TSS / IF? I commonly get suggested adaptations which I always accept and expected there to be adaptations going into the weekend given the way I changed the workouts during the week, but nada.

I’m not complaining and would just like to better understand how AT works because the above has me wondering if it’s really the “virtual coach” I thought it was.

AT does not take into account outdoor rides at this point. That is why there were no adaptations for your race.

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I chose a workout that resembled the profile of my race and associated my outdoor ride with it. I don’t know if it made any difference or not but I left the originally scheduled workout on the calendar as well and left it as not completed.