Is this a seismic shift in AT?

Seemingly out of the blue, Adaptive Training just ratcheted my recovery workouts way down. These workouts are three weeks from now…no other adaptations were recommended. Have TrainerRoad decided that recovery workouts assigned in the past were overdoing it?


No idea but I had similar yesterday.


I got adaptations in my recovery week as well. I just accepted them without much look since I am ignoring them and riding as I see fit now that I finished my A-Race weekend. I am taking it easy until I decide to start a new plan.


Same here. I can’t remember the exact workouts I had, but I definitely had Bays on Tuesday and a ~3 hour endurance ride on Saturday.


Next week is my recovery week and all of the workouts were adapted at once this week. I just accepted the changes so im not sure if they were scaled back or not.

adaptive training abuse is rife on this platform. :joy:

I didn’t swim at all for three weeks and adaptive training, like the loyal silicon golem that it is, faithfully adapted my training each and every week (at least)

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Hey all, nice catch!

This is actually intended behavior. Recovery weeks are now adapting to specific criteria we have set in place that ensure recovery is the priority. Essentially, Recovery weeks will, in most cases, be slightly easier than they have been historically.


Nice. I noticed my recovery week underwent 2 or 3 separate adaptations too.


Would be nice if AT told us it was time for an easy week and giving us one. Also would be great if you got a brief description of the logic behind what workout it was giving you

I always thought the TR recovery weeks/workouts were too hard.

2hrs at mid z2 is not an easy refreshing ride, imho. I generally just wouldn’t do them.


@Matt_W1 I agree! I’m sure you know, but in case there are other interested readers who might not know, if you click on a calendar workout, it generates a popup with some workout details. If you click on one of the two images of the workout in that popup, it will take you to a separate page for that workout. In that page there will be a ‘Goals’ section that describes the purpose of the workout.

So, @Matt_W1 I think your point is, why do we have to click a bunch of times to see something that is so central to the whole training process? I agree. But I’m just a complainer on this issue. I don’t really have any good solutions.

I know the calendar used to have weekly notes that briefly described the upcoming week of training and day-by-day purpose/goals. I enjoyed those notes but TR tell me not very many users read the notes. So, limited resources, alternate uses.

Sorry I might not have been clear, I meant the logic behind why the ai chose the workout it does and the progression level. Ie something like ‘ tss is sky high, bailed a good few works recently, need a steady one’ or ‘tss low, you should be fresh, try this rock hard vo2 workout’ like mentioned above it seemed to give someone a steady week. I’ve not noticed and it’d be nice to know it was trying to give me one.

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I think this would be useful. I sometimes wonder why TrainerRoad changes the planned workout for no obvious reason, and an explanation in the app would be useful.

Yep, I agree. The change that generated this thread might cause some users to think TR is just sneaking in something that is a change in philosophy, not just an adaptation to training based on the individual athlete’s training progress.

I’m not saying that’s what is going on, but I’m saying if you break that line of communication that leaves the athlete to conjure up all sorts of things in their head. So, just like if you break off communication with the neighborhood & leave them on their own to conjure up ideas about why…the neighborhood always conjures up reasons to not like you. Next thing you know, you are Boo Radley.

So I don’t think non-communication is the correct approach. But, hey, I’m a user, not an owner.

This could be difficult. One of the biggest negatives about these ML models is that it’s just a black box. You put in your inputs and it spits out the output. You can make educated guesses as to why it’s making certain decisions but it’s not easy (maybe impossible) to get a real explanation of why it chooses a specific output.


Agree. And if they did provide that information they’d just get constant questions/feedback about how it’s all wrong.


Yeah. Aren’t paying customers such a pain in the posterior? :joy:

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I’ve had pretty big AT-suggested increases in both VO2 max (productive change of 0.6) and SS (stretch of 1.2) this week, that I completed with ratings of very hard and hard respectively, and still got the suggested decreases in next weeks recovery to PLs to less than 2.0, and asked support about it, and got the same response as above. I’d guess it’s more a general decrease in PLs for recovery weeks rather than really specific AT changes, which would show up next time a new plan is built (would expect “generic” recovery weeks to be much lower PLs than currently)

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There used to be weekly notes on your calendar giving a very high level summary of that week’s workouts & the goal of each…and how the workouts might interact. I always enjoyed reading those notes even when they started to diverge with the actual workouts in a given week.

But, here’s the bottom line, TR observed that very few people actually read the notes. If TR have limited resources with alternate uses…updated notes that nobody reads just doesn’t make it to the top of list.

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