No suggestions from Adaptive Training

Greetings, I was added to the AT beta about 3 weeks ago. I was expecting the app to now start suggesting workouts other than the ones already scheduled (in a low volume general build phase right now). But I haven’t seen any suggested workout alternatives yet. Two Saturdays ago, I did an outdoor group ride that was more than double the TSS of my scheduled TR workout, so I thought for sure I’d see something different suggested. What am I missing?

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AT doesn’t pay attention to unstructured outdoor rides yet.

In the meantime, it analyzes completed structured workouts. TR’s plans have built-in progressions, so if you’re following their plans and successfully completing the workouts, your levels are going up, but the plans don’t change.

It starts changing up your plans if you fail workouts and click “accept” on the adaptations. Also possibly if you consistently complete workouts and click “easy” on the survey, though I haven’t tried that yet.

What do your levels look like in comparison to upcoming workouts? It’s possible you’re on the right path?

For example, my Vo2max level is 2.8 right now.
I’ve got Vo2max workouts in my calendar that range from 4.3 to 5.8.
AT has suggested adaptations to all these upcoming Vo2max workouts to bring them inline with my current level.

On the other hand all the Endurance, Sweet Spot, and Threshold workouts on my calendar in already inline with my respective levels, so AT has not suggested any changes outside the Vo2max workouts.

Also - you need to use plan BUILDER in order to see adaptations. You can’t just pick a plan. There is some basic information that I wish TR would provide when you join the beta - like an email or a pinned post that specifically lays out a few features/requirements that are in/out. It took me about a week of being in the beta to figure out I had to use the plan builder.


We’re working on this right now, hopefully ready by later this week.


I’m in the same boat. Been in AT for around 3 weeks now, using plan builder through the end of the year. I’ve gotten a single suggested adaptation since getting in. I’ve done some outdoor rides but most have been indoor TR workouts. Mine may be a bug, as plan builder has classified my last month as a “Recovery Week.” The entire month.