Planning for a 4 week break, input needed

I need a little input here. I’ve started SSBMV1 this week, but have to work around a scheduled surgery that happens on February 7th. The good news is that I’ll wrap up week 5 of SSBMV1 right before my surgery and naturally go into the recovery week the week following surgery. I’m planning on being off the bike for 14 days post-surgery with plans to start training again when my body feels ready. This could be 3 weeks post-surgery or it might be longer.

Having never had to face an interruption mid-plan, when I do come back, should I re-assess and jump into SSB2 or repeat SSB1 and do a couple of weeks to reacquaint myself with training and then potentially progress into SSB2?

I don’t have any A races until mid-late summer and want to prioritize building a solid base for late-season gravel and CX racing.

Here’s how the calendar looks leading into the week I have my surgery:

I’d personally go back to SSBMV1 after because in the past after my 2 week breaks I’ve found myself not being able to keep the power numbers up. And those breaks were just vacation, not surgery which is potentially more tasking for your body.

It doesn’t take long to “come back” from it but you do lose a good chunk of endurance. In any case SSB1 is a great plan and repeating it IMO is a good thing especially after break like that.

EDIT: Actually here’s what I would do. Do like 3 sweet spot rides in 3 days. Take a day break. Take ramp test the 5th day (so it’s not the first thing you’re doing right after break) and then start the program with your new ftp number.

Yeah, this is what I was thinking. I’ll probably give myself a buffer week and do low-intensity rides to see how my body responds (hernia surgery, btw) to the riding position. If all goes well, I’ll do as you said and get a couple day block of some intensity to prep the legs for a ramp test.