Adaptions applied before ramp test

Hi All,

I am about to start the 2nd half of my base plan tomorrow, but I have adaptions pending for the new plan based off previous performance. Do I ignore these adaptions, and complete my test first, or ignore the test and continue working with the adaptions?

My concern is I do the test, and if the adaptions continue to apply, I end up frying my legs because the workouts are way to tough. I know I could ignore them, but it seems a little strange that adaptions are applying to a new plan without a test to back it up.

Thanks for any input

Allow the adaptions and take the ramp test. You will likely get additional adaptions after the test. You’re overthinking it. If you allow AT to do it’s thing and answer the surveys honestly your training will track your abilities.


Whatever you decide about the adaptations definitely take the ramp test. Adaptive Training doesn’t modify your FTP in any circumstance, I think? So if you are stronger the only way to integrate this into your plan is to test or to manually up your FTP.

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