END OF THE RAMP TEST.. Adaptive Training

Did I heard right that eventually with Adaptive Training there will be no need for a ramp test?
If AT is consistently Adapting your workout for improvement seems like there will be no need for the test anymore. Some people will still want to know their number though.

(Edit: ignore this post, bad assumptions and misinformation below)

I just got in a couple of days ago. Don’t see any more post-rest week ramp tests in the calendar for the rest of my plan. My expectation is that as you level-up, AT will also calculate your FTP so you’ll still know the number.

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huh? i just made a brand new training plan with AT when I got in beta couple days ago. There’s still ramp tests scheduled for me! :man_shrugging:t4:


Oh, this is my first time in the speciality phase. I though the lack of ramp test was because of AT, but looks like they don’t schedule tests in that part of the canned plans either. My mistake, sorry.

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Interesting, I still have all the normal ramp test after my recovery week.

The government’s behind it. It’s all part of an evil master plan.


Do you owe any taxes?

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wtf is “taxes?”

They’re a brand of indoor trainer. :grinning:


What will happen if we skip the scheduled Ramp Test in the plans? Or replace it with another workout that day?

Mis spelt black cabs :wink:

Ranp tests are still needed for now. I dont believe the auto update of FTP is part of the features yet.

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Sooner the better. mFTP is a feature even in free software, and it works very well. It would compliment AT perfectly.

Complicate what?

Actually in the pre-AT training programs, we were following the same progression. In the first weeks the workouts were easier and towards the end of the block the workouts for each training zone get harder. You then do a FTP test and at the start of a new block you start a new progression from easy to hard.

The difference with AT is that it actually measures what your progression is and gives you the appropriate workouts, rather than following a standard path. I guess you could just manually bump up FTP when progression levels are high enough?

Looks like @robertbb meant to say complement, wrote compliment and you read complicate :rofl: