A Time Trialing Thread

One of the few TTs taking place this year will have a pretty steep section towards the end so I figured giving 2x a Shot.
Yet to ride it, but definitely looks the part:


First official TT in 2 years. It was a flat, fast 40k TT that is usually held 2x per year. I took advantage of a super-fast day and took 1:02 off my best time and won the M45+. Felt good to suffer like that again.

Photo: Ted Morgan Photography


Church Creek?

That’s the one. Did you race too?

No, my wife was doing a tri on the same day so I had daddy duty. But going to make the second if they hold it. If not, next year. I like the course, but I’m a lighter (much lower power) rider, so it doesn’t suit me. Congrats on your PB and the win!

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Had my first TT since 2019 yesterday and first race on the new rig. I’ve been making fit adjustments blindly since I built it, mainly off feel and taking video riding the trainer. Glad there were photographers out so I could see what it looks like at full effort. I have a couple ideas for improvement:

  1. Bring the front end up a little more so that I can drop my head more.
  2. Focus on shrugging more to narrow my shoulders (I’m a big, wide boy).
  3. May need to either lower the saddle or shift it forward 5-10mm


Did two races (open and 35+). Took 5th in open and 1st in 35+. Set a PB on the course by about 40 seconds. Course was faster later in the day, as I didn’t even come close to my power target in the second race but was only 16s slower than the first. Course is out and back 18km with ~180m of gain to the turnaround.


All of the above sound sensible. Definitely worth a try.

Lovely bike :smirk:

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Just got back from tweaking my position with my coach. We tilted the saddle down a touch and tilted the extensions up. I’m hitting the limits on what I can do within the UCI/USA rules. Biggest tweak was fiddling with the helmet to get the tip to rest on my back. Looking forward to testing it…when the smoke clears out of the state :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: I should also mention I’m running a negative 17 or so stem. To get my back a little bit flatter we would have to go even more extreme, but it would be hard to source something that extreme before the championship in a couple weeks.


Are you using a 15 degree tilt or higher? For some reason, my extensions look a lot flatter to me than yours

20 Degree

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Masters? Good luck if so. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it with the kinda short notice. Hopefully next year :+1:


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