A sweetspot and a threshold workouts on one day

This is just an exception. But is it harmful to do a threshold session in the morning (Ainslie +4) and a sweetspot in the afternoon (Antelope). This is just because I’m pretty time crunched this week. But have time for one day for a morning and afternoon ride. And it will make sure I keep up with my SSB MV training plan.

Providing your recovery is increased proportionally, I don’t see a problem with this.

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Are you putting the Tuesday and Thursday session on the same day?

Could you not put the easy ride of the week in the morning and the Ainslie in the evening, and then squeeze Antelope in somewhere else. If not I would still be cautious of two hard rides in one day, if you have rest day on either side then you could do it. Otherwise I would skip it and keep going, do an easy ride and Ainslie during that day and forget about Antelope.