Doing two workouts in a day - which to do first?

Due to life, I need to double up today. I have a 60min sweet spot (Redondo -2, 6.4) and a 90min threshold (vennacher, 4.5). Is it best to do the higher zone or lower zone work first? I’ll be doing one before lunch and one after dinner.

In general, higher zones first. Fresher legs for the harder efforts.

There may be times later in the training cycle when you want to do harder efforts on slightly fatigued legs, but that starts to get pretty specific.


Thanks! Makes sense to me. I’d rather struggle a bit on the SS work than the threshold anyway.

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Update: I did threshold at noon and did sweet spot at 7pm. Finished both. Instead of doing the 60min sweet spot I changed to 90min Garrowby +4 for a less intense ride (.9IF 60min vs .83IF 90min). It was a struggle to finish even with more rest and lower watts compared to the shorter workout, and I put very hard for the post ride survey which triggered the struggle survey. I put training fatigue. Not sure if that’s the right choice. With that said, threshold first was definitely the correct way to go. Getting through the overs would have been a lot tougher.


I’m doing sweet spot in the morning and sprints in the evening. Threshold and or longer workouts I do on single days.

If you do it again,

1 try to put a few more hours between - morning to evening is much easier than lunch to evening in my experience.

2 Eat. Small breakfast before and whey protein or eggs immediately after.
Nothing wrong with sugar during the workout either.

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Back in college we would do things like tempo/threshold in the morning and come back for some faster sprint stuff in the afternoon (different training zones). Also did lots of endurance pace in the morning and workout in the afternoon. Never did two workouts in the same “zone” though. Two threshold-ish workouts back to back is tough!

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