"A" race cancelled, scheduling question

Hey everyone!

Originally my first A race of the season was going to be Wild Flower Olympic Triathlon, but it was cancelled.

As a result, I’m going to swap in 2 B/C races around the same time that are local and will be doing with friends.

After that, my next A race will be in July (Donner Lake Olympic). I just finished the Olympic Triathlon build plan and am not sure how to execute on my time leading up to July.

Rough dates below:

8 Weeks (see Question 1)
Folsom Olympic (B Race)
1 Week
Morgan Hill Sprint (C Race)
2 Weeks (Vacation)
7 Weeks (see Question 2)
Donner Lake Olympic (A Race)

Given I just finished build:
Question 1: Do I do specialty or build again in the 8 weeks I have until the 2 B/C races?
Question 2: After racing then 2 weeks of vacation, specialty or build for 7 weeks before my A Race

Thanks! Hopefully I’ll see some of you in those awesome northern cali races!