A little Embarrassed

I cried on my trainer.
I’ve only been training for a little over three months. I had a breakthrough workout yesterday. I felt strong, I was holding more power for much longer than I ever have, and I was genuinely smiling through almost all of the 90 minute ride. At one point I actually started to cry. They were happy tears. I’m pretty emotionally closed off if you ask my wife, so this came as quite a shock to me. It’s hard to explain, really. I think it has to do with finally feeling like I’m progressing towards something rather than aimlessly working out with no goals. I’m rambling now. Anyways, anyone ever have this kind of reaction during a training session?


I’ve cried on the trainer before, but it was during the movie “I am Sam”, when he loses his daughter. Man that scene gets to me every time.


I’ve not yet cried, but i have finished a hard workout with a massive smile on my face and fist bumped the air haha


Not during a training session but I’ve been known to get emotional when I finish a really hard ride (like the Vermont Gran Fondo)
Congrats on your improvements!


Ha, understandable. I’ve really been having fun with my workouts lately.

Thanks! Now I’m worried what state I’ll be in after I finish my A race this year.

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Nice one. Remember that feeling next time gets tough. This is why we do it!


I cried on the trainer (actually right after hopping off), when I completed the Cervelo 180km Challenge on Zwift a few years ago. 180km of fake miles in just under 6 hours on the bike, with almost no coasting. It was a mental feat of completion and one of the hardest things I have ever done on a bike. I’ve also have some real “wins” after completing a workout that I seriously questioned during the moments.

Props on the effort and accomplishment.


That’s an incredible achievement! How many calories do you think you took in on that ride?

I never cried on the trainer but I got a teary eyed in a running race once. I went through a really tough training phase to prepare for my first 10 miler (still fairly new to running). I had a lot of life stress and there were times I just wanted to give up on my training. I remember sitting in a chair one day contemplating giving up. I was just completely beat down both mentally and physically. I didn’t think I had it. I never gave up and once I finally made it to the race and found myself in 4th place overall with less than a 1/2 mile to go I actually started to tear up. I had time to compose myself before the finish and nobody ever knew :slight_smile:


never cried, but i have had a panic attack before. anxiety can really suck a big fat one sometimes.


never cried, but can see how that might happen. When I complete a workout or an interval with the right song blaring, it does seem to stimulate a “high” beyond just the physical.

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Last Friday I watched Inside Out while doing a sweet spot workout. I got a little choked up while breathing a little too hard and the sound that came out was very strange. I looked around like, “WTF was that noise!” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yea I have done the same a few times on the trainer and after big events. Congrats on the progress - keep it up :+1:

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You’re bonkers, mate! :skull_and_crossbones: what a death ride…for your butt!


I’m a hard core analytic, and my wife is the emotional one. Maybe it is because I’m in my 50s and kids are in college, but nowadays stuff like grabbing a Strava KOM or talking about an epic ride can make my voice shake with emotion. Wife and kids think it is cute, and I guess it makes me feel more, umm, human? I don’t know, certainly makes it easier for my wife knowing that I do in fact have emotional responses LOL.

I did cry once, on my first ride logging 10,000’ of climbing, as it was a huge achievement almost exactly 6 months after buying my first road bike in 35 years. My Garmin had 10,000’ of climbing at mile 78 of a 100 mile ride, my dad had passed away 2 months before, and there was a little cache of snow still holding on to a north facing ridge at elevation 7500 feet that reminded me of all the skiing we had done together over a lifetime (thanks dad!).


Never cried on the trainer, but felt pretty GD accomplished this morning after the hardest weekend with the newborn yet, and suffered through Bashful +2 when I felt like I was absolutely falling apart at the end of the 8th interval with 7 to go. When I “came to” after finishing the last, I felt pretty certain that was as buried as I’ve felt at the end of a workout since running in high school, and it felt a.w.e.s.o.m.e. All the more so because of the circumstances, where I just feel fortunate to get on the bike a couple of times a week right now.

No shame in emotions. Live life to the fullest!


The only time I’ve ever had a wave of emotion like that hit me was near the end of a 100 mile mtb race when I dug so deep that my vision started to tunnel. I wanted to finish so badly and it felt like I was going to shut down. After sitting for a couple minutes I wound up finishing the last 2 miles.
I nearly cried on the trainer when I finished “Disaster”, but those were tears of joy.


No, I haven’t (yet.) Despite that, I don’t think embarrassment is necessary. Especially not, in cases for those who are experiencing accomplishment along a path of success they weren’t sure was available to them. As members of society, we make up all kinds of mental ambitions to pursue, and we may seemingly callously ignore or cheerlessly celebrate their passing. When it comes to the physical, there is a pretty finite degree to which we can ignore physical fitness and just keep on keeping on. Accomplishments along this physical spectrum can be associated with our health and longevity that extend beyond simple mental goal setting, and these accomplishments can seem and/or feel more emotionally important than we’re accustomed to experiencing in other realms. Seems like some properly aligned emotion from where I stand, and I congratulate all who make mention of it despite or without embarrassment.

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I haven’t cried on the trainer, vomited yes! :face_vomiting: