Does anyone else get hilarious emotional after a great ramp test, or excellent workout?

Just wanted to know if anyone else experiences this. I did my first ramp test after my first month and first base phase. I was a bit nervous since the previous week was recovery/endurance. I got on the bike, and noticed that my heart rate started out a bit higher than I really wanted it to go. (Normally during a really good hard week, it settles in really good zones, but it always is much higher on the first workout after 2 days off) But I settled in a groove. Kept watching my heart rate climb and climb…Generally in the high 170s, I’m working and in the mid 180s I’m about done. I just dug super deep and my leg/lungs finally stopped churning when I finished my last segment and my heart struck 192. I think the only time I’ve ever seen it hit that was during my first Criterium over a year ago.

I was able to improve my FTP by 14 watts, which I’m very happy about. While I was trying to catch my breath and spin my legs out, I muttered “Dude I’m proud of you” and then started sobbing…which I found super amusing, so I started laughing at the same time.

So I was curious, has anyone else experienced that immense emotional bomb?!?!?


I’m just cold and dead inside after a ramp test :cry:

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You must be doing it wrong.

Not hilarious, but I can tell you I have had emotional reactions of various types to great workouts/accomplishments. It’s probably a bit of biology and chemical driving it, but the range of emotions is pretty wide, from happy tears, to whoops, fist pumps, laughing, etc.

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Oh, I’ve cried during races, happy tears, sad tears, dusty tears…

Ramp test or workouts? No, it just hurts. :laughing:

I usually just start maniacally laughing like I’m the joker or something :joy: But that doesn’t last long until I’m in the “ok this just hurts now” phase.

I do but find I have no one to share it with so it quickly wanes. Maybe we should have a helpline where you can call up all giddy after acing a ramp test or a killer of a workout. If it just had someone saying “hey, wow that’s awesome” *and other congratulatory messages on a loop it would be enough. Maybe get @ambermalika, @Jonathan, @Nate_Pearson or even coach Chad to do the phrases.
You could also press 2 if you failed for different phrases. :joy:
Or silence… And kitten’s softly crying…

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the feature is called :tada: :tada: Group Workouts. :tada: :tada:


depends where you are too - here in the UK there’s not many train at the same time and not everyone likes group workouts. But yes you can share on that or commiserate… :slight_smile:

Only that time I reached the top of the Mortirolo, the third big mountain ever on a race bike…totally exhausted and an emotional wreckage.

On Trainerroad, not so much :sweat_smile:


June 2016 right after hitting 10,000 feet of climbing for the first time and at 7400 foot elevation saw a patch of snow that reminded me of my recently departed dad. At that point I knew two things: a) I was going to finish the DeathRide in two weeks, and b) never again would I share an epic adventure with my dad. What proceeded next was a 19+ mile / 3400+ foot descent where I repeatedly started sobbing uncontrollably with tears of both joy and sorrow.