Does anyone else get hilarious emotional after a great ramp test, or excellent workout?

Just wanted to know if anyone else experiences this. I did my first ramp test after my first month and first base phase. I was a bit nervous since the previous week was recovery/endurance. I got on the bike, and noticed that my heart rate started out a bit higher than I really wanted it to go. (Normally during a really good hard week, it settles in really good zones, but it always is much higher on the first workout after 2 days off) But I settled in a groove. Kept watching my heart rate climb and climb…Generally in the high 170s, I’m working and in the mid 180s I’m about done. I just dug super deep and my leg/lungs finally stopped churning when I finished my last segment and my heart struck 192. I think the only time I’ve ever seen it hit that was during my first Criterium over a year ago.

I was able to improve my FTP by 14 watts, which I’m very happy about. While I was trying to catch my breath and spin my legs out, I muttered “Dude I’m proud of you” and then started sobbing…which I found super amusing, so I started laughing at the same time.

So I was curious, has anyone else experienced that immense emotional bomb?!?!?


I’m just cold and dead inside after a ramp test :cry:

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You must be doing it wrong.

Not hilarious, but I can tell you I have had emotional reactions of various types to great workouts/accomplishments. It’s probably a bit of biology and chemical driving it, but the range of emotions is pretty wide, from happy tears, to whoops, fist pumps, laughing, etc.

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Oh, I’ve cried during races, happy tears, sad tears, dusty tears…

Ramp test or workouts? No, it just hurts. :laughing:

I usually just start maniacally laughing like I’m the joker or something :joy: But that doesn’t last long until I’m in the “ok this just hurts now” phase.

I do but find I have no one to share it with so it quickly wanes. Maybe we should have a helpline where you can call up all giddy after acing a ramp test or a killer of a workout. If it just had someone saying “hey, wow that’s awesome” *and other congratulatory messages on a loop it would be enough. Maybe get @ambermalika, @Jonathan, @Nate_Pearson or even coach Chad to do the phrases.
You could also press 2 if you failed for different phrases. :joy:
Or silence… And kitten’s softly crying…

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the feature is called :tada: :tada: Group Workouts. :tada: :tada:


depends where you are too - here in the UK there’s not many train at the same time and not everyone likes group workouts. But yes you can share on that or commiserate… :slight_smile:

Only that time I reached the top of the Mortirolo, the third big mountain ever on a race bike…totally exhausted and an emotional wreckage.

On Trainerroad, not so much :sweat_smile:


June 2016 right after hitting 10,000 feet of climbing for the first time and at 7400 foot elevation saw a patch of snow that reminded me of my recently departed dad. At that point I knew two things: a) I was going to finish the DeathRide in two weeks, and b) never again would I share an epic adventure with my dad. What proceeded next was a 19+ mile / 3400+ foot descent where I repeatedly started sobbing uncontrollably with tears of both joy and sorrow.


After a hard effort I do get emotional. ESPECIALLY when coupled with the right music. Similar to others in this thread, I’m subject to an immense feeling of joy one that can and does elicit tears and nearly full on wailing (when alone I let it go, when around others I only let it go so far) – such a feeling.

It can happen during the effort, it can happen shortly after the effort, it can happen on the drive home an hour or two after the effort/race.

Is this “runner’s high”?


Embrace it and live in the moment :fist_right::fist_left:


Yes. Also, reading some of these replies has made me think that next time I feel really strong emotions on a solo ride I’ll try to just let it go.


Nervousness always seems to hit me during the ramp test. Then my higher-than-normal HR negatively affects my Garmin performance metric which makes me even more apprehensive. The nerves sort themselves out once my body has more important things to deal with from minute 15 onwards.
All this despite the fact I know that the ramp test does not tell me what my FTP is :man_shrugging:t3:
These days I look at the result and try to understand what it means, as opposed to being elated or disappointed.

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Oh I’ve cried at more than one bike race over the years. Generally tears of joy but sometimes pain! Tells us we’re on the right track and that we’ve found something meaningful to us.

I’ve worked out many hard personal issues while on the bike too. And while I’ve maybe only experienced this once or twice during a training session, I definitely get it!

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That happened to me once midway through the marathon in my first Ironman and once towards the end of my first 50k ultra run. Sounds like a breakthrough workout!

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