Celebrating completion of workouts

My wife happened to walk into the pain cave earlier at the very moment I finished my final Over/under interval. In my excitement I was in the middle of a double fist pump, congratulating myself on my training prowess. My wife rolled up laughing and won’t let me forget it. Does anyone else get that excited by finishing a tough workout that they feel the need to celebrate - and have you ever been caught by others :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yep, no shame in the celebratory fist pump. Been there.

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I regularly shout and myself in encouragement during final tough efforts, thankfully the wife has never walked in on me though!

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I’ve been caught by my wife but she hasn’t mentioned it to anyone else thankfully.
My step daughter came into the pain cave and said “this isn’t normal behaviour. You need to see someone” and walked out.


Does your wife do some sport ?

The reactions of mine were the same, until she started running too - now she understands :slight_smile:

And the best are from my two little daughters → the “allez papa” towards the end of a hard workout are much more motivating than even the best music !


I almost pulled a muscle patting myself on the back so I don’t try that anymore. :nerd_face:


My wife doesn’t have a sport, she’ll never understand the excitement of nailing a workout like McAdie…:rofl:


I fist pump everything. Why not?? :slight_smile:

My wife walked in on me several times doing something to keep myself amped up on the trainer…and I simply give her a look that says, “Well, I may look ridiculous – but would it look more ridiculous if I was 30 lbs. overweight like most of your friends’ husbands?”

That’s a lot to capture in one look…but she still laughs at me. And I still pump my fist. She’s also heard me throw up on the trainer – which is worse than a fist pump :wink:

Sometimes I flick the bird into the air after I finish an interval – and that bird is always intended for coach @chad – I figure if he can dream up this torture, he can endure awkward gestures of gratitude.

Stay pumped up. If it’s not fun, it will get boring :metal:


Brilliant @batwood14

Until I found TrainerRoad I was one of the 30lb overweight husbands, but not anymore. Loving that you can communicate that much with a single look. As for coach @chad I find myself arguing with his narrative / in workout instructions. Chad will say “now put yourself into your aero position for next 2 minutes”, invariably I’ll reply with a bunch of expletives setting out while I’ll likely puke if I put myself back into aero. Never actually puked during workout but regularly collapse in shower afterwards.


Catch 22: if you have the energy to celebrate, it wasn’t worth celebrating.

For the workouts I would consider celebrating, by the end I’m just happy I’m not dead.


I was 40lbs overweight :slight_smile: TrainerRoad didn’t knock the weight off of me, but riding bikes did. Once I got in really good bike riding shape, I thought I’d like to try racing…which led to me figuring out that being a decent bike rider is different than hanging in a race . . . and that’s when I found TR.

Regardless, having fun is part of what makes training sustainable – never lose the fun. Keep it rolling, man!


You should work on your core, push-ups and pull-ups. Once you do, I’m sure you’ll find that a post-interval fist pump isn’t quite as taxing.


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Yeah, mine would do the same.

I was doing TR in the gym for the first time today, it was embarrassing enough with everyone else gently pedalling/jogging about and me pouring sweat in puddles on the floor and gurning.

If I do it again, I’m definitely leaping off at the end and yelling “YeeEEAAH!” with accompanying fist pumps.

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My 8 year old daughter enjoys making fun of me by reminding me of one spring afternoon. She was on the trampoline in the garden. I was in deep pain in an over-unders session in the outhouse and she found it hilarious that she could hear me saying, in increasingly desperate tones, “oh, God!”, “oh, my God!”, and she does a mighty fine impersonation of me in my moment of trauma! On a regular basis, haha!


My 9 year old daughter came downstairs with a bluetooth speaker she uses in her room while I was doing a workout the other day. She asked if she cold listen to the music with me while I was training . . . (thank god) I was in a recovery trough, so I hooked it up.

She danced around, lip-synced and had a ball during the rest of the session – it was only last week, but I think that will be the best workout memory I’ll ever have. Totally motivating just to have her around. It was awesome.

She was also in the house when I threw up on the trainer . . . she definitely makes fun of me for that!


Full two-handed victory salute for me. Followed by blowing kisses to the crowd and riding the warmdown with a flag over my shoulders.


I once dropped a towel into my wheel when celebrating the end of a sufferfest workout. Had to cut it out as I couldn’t untangle it. Hubby was there live-tweeting it :see_no_evil:


haha, I always do a fist pump like I just won a tour stage on any hard or long workout. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Or perhaps: If you can resist celebration, the workout wasn’t hard enough.

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I totally throw my arms in the air because I won my championship. I also have a habit of yelling “, Uno mas tiempo” at the the top of my lungs before I start my final interval set. So heck ya, celebrate the success of a great workout! Be Well and Ride On!