Cancelled Ironman, what plans to follow till July 2021

I was due to do my Ironman in July but I expect to defer it till next year around the same date.

So I have read the info on the website and decided to do the 8 week Sustained Power Build Volume. Would this be the correct thing to do? Rather than continue training for my Ironman. As I want to improve my cycling, my weakest discipline.

I was then thinking to do some other plans, which ones would you recommend before I would start my 28week triathlon plan for Ironman (July 2021)

If the bike is your weakest discipline, then using this “time off” to focus on improving it is the smart move. I’m guessing your fitness is pretty decent right now given that you should have been building towards an IM in a couple of months. Therefore, the Sustained Power Build will probably be OK.

After that, I would suggest making up a “fake” bike race schedule and dropping it into Plan Builder…train like a cyclist for 6 months. Put a “B” event in early Septermber and an “A” event in November or something like that. Make them long road races vs. a short event like a crit so that the additional bike training will complement your long-term IM goals. Do a crap load of Sweetspot…

Still get in water (if you have OWS available to you) at least once a week to maintain your feel for the water and run easy at least 3 times a week (if not more). Look up the BarryP Running Plan as an option. You don’t need to run much, just consistently. Even short runs off the bike for a mile or two will be sufficient for now, with one “long-ish” run per week tossed in.

What IM were you targeting and what was your goal?

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Thank you for your advice. It was IM Vitoria-Gasteiz in Spain. Hoping to do it around the 12hr mark wish.

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