2400 Calorie energy drink

From the GCN video. If you have tried this, please leave a review.

I have not tried it yet

I haven’t tried it, but it sounds pretty good.

What’s the recipe? Or at least link the video

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They are achieving this calorie density through using Medium Chain Triglycerides as an (one of several) ingredient. Not sure of the speed of digestion of these, although to be fair, they were suggesting this as fuel for an 8 hour plus ride, rather than as fuel for a 1 hour workout.

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That’s a LOT of MCT. I would think there could be some serious GI upset with that. But this might be ideal for an Ironman distance tri. No need to stop at halfway/special needs and get a second set of bottles. Am considering giving it a go

I watched most of it, I think the suggestion was you sip from the 2.4k bottle and swig it down with your normal water. I’d guess that helps with the GI issues.

Here’s the recipe;

500g maltodextrin
120g MCT powder
100g fructose
5g salt
450ml water

In the video they mix this in some kind of fancy food processor

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So I make that 2400 calories of carbs, and the MCT (fats) is 1000 calories. Total of 3400?

why you need MCT (fats) during the ride?

Yeah…what? Why would you possibly want to take down 1100cal of fat. And I’ve never seen anyone use a 5:1 ratio of glucose to fructose before

Because it’s not just fat, it’s MCTs which behave differently in the body.

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This idea seems very close to this idea… https://www.trainerroad.com/forum/t/dangerous-dry-scooping-workout-trend/63919



Interesting takeaways from the article you sited:

Hmm yeah based on that article this article was what stood out to me:

"First we observed that MCT added to CHO drinks did not inhibit gastric emptying. Then, in a subsequent we studied the oxidation rates of orally ingested MCT were investigated we concluded that more MCT is oxidized better when ingested in combination with CHO compared with ingestion of MCT only. Data confirmed the hypothesis that oral MCT might serve as an energy source in addition to glucose during exercise. However, in these and other studies we found that the maximal amount of oral MCT that could be tolerated in the gastrointestinal tract is small (for most athletes about 30 g). If you can only ingest 30 grams of MCT this limits the contribution of oral MCT to total energy expenditure to values between 3 and 7%. We did not see changes in fat burning and we did not observe any glycogen sparing. When we measured performance with or without MCT, there were no differences, even when we provided up to 80 grams of MCT. "

So while it says that it doesn’t slow or prevent carb absorption or usage it also says it doesn’t improve exercise performance. Also, that many people saw limits of 30g of intake (though it doesn’t note if that’s /hr or /dose etc.). So it sounds like 120g might be a bit rough on most people especially if they are doing enough exercise to require a 3500kcal drink.

I mean I’ve made my own 2400cal CHO bottles before for long trainer rides along with ice water to chase it down.

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But wouldn’t that be 120g spread over many hours?

I’ve heard more than once ex-RAAM rider say that the secret fuel they use is olive oil. They get to the point that it’s hard to eat anything. They can get a lot of calories out of oil by just sipping a little at a time. Honestly, I don’t know what quantity or frequency they were talking about.

Anecdotally, I had some friends do the Tour Divide race. Half way through they were having skin issues. They needed to eat more fat. It turns out that eating almost 100% carbohydrates day in and day out is not good for you!



What are your ingredients?

adjust accordingly to your glu:fru ratio. I do 2:1 and 1:1 sometimes

my recipe involves 400mg of sodium per 100cal. I don’t bother to adjust for weather. Haven’t needed to yet.

So I use Table sugar for a 1:1 ratio
Maltodextrin for the extra 2:1 ratio
Sodium Citrate for sodium 1tsp = 1000mg sodium
Citric Acid for taste (very needed at these concentrations)

So for 2400cal
400g to table sugar
200g of Malta
2.5tsp of sodium citrate
add to boiling water. Start with less than you think. Dont want to end up with more liquid than will fit in bottle.
Then add citric acid until you like the taste. Can find this in the canning aisle.

This stuff is the consistency of gel…yknow as I type this I realize I’ve never gone over 1500cal

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Yeah I imagine it would be but even on days that I ride for 6+ hours I probably don’t eat more than 200g of fat. So I’m not sure putting 60% of that while on the bike makes sense to me.

Sure, for races like that I could understand it. But that’s an exceedingly small number of people that that applies to.

I like this idea of a single-bottle feuling strategy. Maybe that is too much fat, though.

Maybe just halve the MCT powder? Replace with something else?

Anyone have different recipe ideas?