Dangerous dry scooping workout trend!

Dry Scooping, its a new one on me! I might have a banana or a cup of coffee before a workout but:
Doctors alerted to dangerous dry scooping workout trend - BBC News

total muppets… never underestimate the stupidity of people…


And accidentally inhaling the powder into the lungs could cause choking or an infection or pneumonia, say the researchers.

I think they mean “accidentally” :wink: :wink:

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Weeelllll, if this cuts down on the number of workout bros, maybe it isn’t all bad :rofl:

For those people who take everything on the internet literally, this was meant sarcastically :laughing:


I don’t understand this article. Why is it focused on using it without water? If it contains 5 cups of coffee in a serving, why is that only bad for you if you take it dry? What am I missing?

It focuses on folks taking it without water because that’s the dangerous new trend that there specifically is a problem with that’s extra bad. That much coffee equivalent is a bad idea diluted but un diluted ‘dry scooping’ is a particularly bad idea and the article spells out the problems attached to it.

This is far from a new trend. It’s definitely been a think for at least 10 years. And I’m only 26 so I’m sure it’s been going on longer.

Most people I knew that did it would get a mouthful of water, dump the powder in, swish it around, then swallow it and rinse with water. It was just laziness so they didn’t dirt a blender bottle or cup.

But lots of those preworkout scoops are somewhere between a teaspoon and a tablespoon so it’s not a ton of powder in the first place.


Hmm. I’ve read it twice now and still don’t see anything about why using it dry is worse than with water. :man_shrugging:


I just want to point out that one scoop of the pre-workout in question has 250mg of caffeine. Not that I would rec slamming 250mg of caffeine but just about everybody on this forum has done that without having a heart attack.

Now, later on, the ‘dry slammer’ that had a heart attack went to work. While in a stripper locker room she started to experience symptoms of a heart attack & was taken to the hospital. I would submit that this might not be the whole story & there are a NUMBER of exogenous compounds (which might be commonly found in a stripper locker room) that can contribute to heart attacks.

So I agree with the moral of the story: don’t take a lot of a caffeine. However, I don’t believe the story. :smiley:


In the early 2000’s there was a diet pill that caused a bunch of heart attacks. It was basically just a shit ton of caffeine. I used it to help me lose weight at the time (I was 190, needed to be below 180, I’m now “overweight” at 145).

Big shocker, but at the time people were abusing those pills; intentional taking too much, not drinking fluids, and/or doing a strenuous workout at the same time. I had nearly no side effects when using it, ad per instructed.

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or just in a regular gym. Ephedrine is legal where I live and many of the people at my gym use it like one would a cup of coffee before a workout, commonly along with a preworkout. Might be some of those ‘fat burner’ supplements in the mix as well- they’re sort of regarded as ‘sepearate things’ without considering dosage of each or the total amount of caffeine and other stimulants. I’m fairly sure one of the posters on the wall advertising ‘herbal solutions’ is also a covert way of selling PED’s, but that’s just my inference from the wording.

Point is, this isn’t an issue of dry scooping, or even preworkout in general, as much as it is one of a wider cultural norm and a lack of education surrounding supplements. Nothing new really.


Oh yeah, I remember the days when you could walk into any old gas station and buy 3000 tabs of 3mg Ephidrine HCL no questions asked. The ECA stack was a popular option during cut weeks. This would have been…like…mid-to-late 90’s when ketogenic dieting was all the rage and people were cooking their innards with DNP. Pump-n-Pose was new. Idiocy is certainly not generational but constant…only the products will vary.

But in terms of dangerous supplements, 250mg doesn’t really make the cut. I think in this case something else was in the mix…maybe something that you might not be too candid about when talking to the authorities.

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If this is the same situation I have read about, the issue is there are individuals who are sensitive to caffeine or have negative reactions to caffeine but don’t know it because they have never tried high doses of caffeine before and then go and dry-scoop a pre-workout and dump a high dose of stimulants into their body in a short period of time. I read of a similar case and it was the woman’s first time dry-scooping. Could be a different case or I could be mistaken, but I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that there were some work-place shenanigans.

Some pre-workouts outside the US also have DMAA which could also contribute to negative side effects.

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Yeah, that’s a good point! Plus, this particular person probably weighs 60lbs less than I do. So >200 migs of caffeine could be a big dose on a per kg basis…