Survey on Reddit about carbs per hour for 70.3 & 140.6

Some interesting results. Just thought I’d pass along to folks here.


And I bet zero brain fog.

One responded that they do on clif block every 15 minutes? So 25g of carbs an hour?

I have to keep in mind that this is Tri, so eating and running don’t work as well as eating on the bike.

Can one train their gut to eat while running or is there physiology working against an athlete while running?

Nor during the swim.

Also consider that people have been doing IM since way before the carb hype. I have some people in my club with IM maybe 10 years ago that would go off some gels and banana without a bigger plan.

I got better eating on the run, but it’s never anywhere near the bike. While you may have food available at stations during the race, during training it’s also just not feasible to carry that much stuff.

That top results makes me feel bad. :frowning:

Without getting into the hair splitting this-vs-that, I just can’t emphasize enough the change that’s occurred in my experience on the bike after learning to take nutrition. Took me years to realize that getting home starving meant that I was constantly up against the ropes.


I once did a 70.3 eating only 60g per hour on the bike. That run was the worst 2 hours of my life.

I have never done a Triathlon, but based on what I know nutrition could look something like this…

Before Swim - Gel
During Swim, don’t drown
On bike - 90-120g per hour (best bet gel or liquid?) one has to make up for the depletion incurred during the swim, but not so much that one ends up with a big old bolus that goes nowhere. Also taper before you get to the run so you don’t start running with a bolus?
During run ??? seems like gel or liquid are the only options IF one has trained for it.

Just so hard to wrap my head around the challenges that adding disciplines does to nutrition during an event.

I came from cycling and was an early adaptor to the carb the world while exercising, while going on with my IM training/racing I realized very quickly a lot of those guys did not have a good nutrition plan.

Here is how I raced, rather it was good or not IDK.

Swim - I had my watch set for every 30-min and when it went off I sat up and took a gel (hid them in my wetsuit or singlet), gel as soon as I hit the bike.

Bike - 80g/carb per hour on liquid fuel, had 3 bottles on the bike and 3 bottles at the halfway marker. Did my own mix

Run - this is where it got tricky, I would do Cola and Gatorade alternating between stations with water at every station and a gel every 20-30 mins off an alarm. Its tough running but you just have to do it.

I always looped my house and had a table/cooler setup in the garage or driveway


Explain? Curious your limitation. :slight_smile:

I like the freedom of running. I think it’s bothersome to take along more than two gels and that already sucked. I have a running backpack, i just prefer it without.

When on the bike I can take multiple bottles, few bars, gels, plus bananas, no problem.

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