MTB 170km race 3000d+ tips

I will do a MTB race (170 km with 3000d+) in April 18th. I will start a training plan next monday 4th.

My ideia is going on a low volume plan and add 2 or 3 outdoors rides. I am 91kg and height 184 cm.

What do you guys suggest for the training plan?


SSB 1+2 -> Sustained Power Build -> Century

This is the suggested way for those kind of events. I started the same plan end of September and add a long, low intensity endurance ride on Sunday.


Good Luck

Depending on what the course looks like (mostly rolling long sustained efforts or punchy short hills), I’d recommend:

SSB 1 & 2, - General Build, - XCM Specialty

If your race has more singletrack than gravel roads, General Build is a nice mix of sustained and higher intensity efforts. I use the above plans for my MTB 100 mile events. However, in my area the races are 90%+ singletrack with plenty of punchy sub 5 min efforts.

What’s the power profile of your outdoor rides?

If you riding endurance outdoors, you might be better off doing VO2 build indoors, else you’ll be doing the same stuff for every ride.

I dont have powermeter in my mtb bike

Would suggest to build up endurance a lot. 170km will be a very long day on a MTB. If you can average 20km/h on a mtb, and I think thats really fast, you´ll be riding 8.5h. If you can average 15km/ happy 12h day waits for you. So go out and ride endurance and endurance and some endurance. Then as mentioned before, some VO2Max. If you have a long steady climb maybe more threshold power. Depends all on the profile you´ll be ridiing on that day. and maybe some technical skill rides a week, if you have some time left :smiley: