1 Hour sessions max SS Training Plans?

I am currently following the Sweet Spot Base Low Volume I and I love it, I feel stronger as a result and much better out on the road but I just cannot mentally do any of the sessions that are 90mins long 60mins fine but I honestly just die from boredom (even watching Netflix) so I skip the sessions and only end up doing 2/3 of the sessions a week.

I know these plans are put together with specific purpose but I don’t really know how or what to replace the 90min sessions with on a plan?

I am only a social rider so not training for anything.

Swap those 90 minute workouts for shorter (-1/-2) versions if you want to. If you don’t: don’t sweat it and skip it without guilt.


Each of those workouts should have a minus version that is only 60 minutes.

The only thing the shorter version is really doing is giving you fewer of the same intervals. So you could even do this yourself: when you get to an hour, finish your current interval, and then call it done.

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Yes, feel free to just ride the 90m version and bail when you need to. You can use the scrub tool to jump ahead to the cool-down as well.